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with this paper i'm working on, i'm at the point where I'm starting to wonder: is it worth it to go on? is it worth it at all? what is life? what is love? 😵

>12k words is reasonable for a manuscript, right? Right?? 😳

Description: Todd Fuist draws on his ethnographic research on progressive religious communities to highlight the role of collective imagination in social life, this week at The Junkyard.

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"As #feminist scholar Jo Freeman notes in her classic article “The Tyranny of Structurelessness,” too often the pretense of a flat structure serves primarily not to truly flatten power dynamics, but simply to mask them."

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very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

source & transcript:

stolen from someone who didn't add source or image description lol 🏴‍☠️


taking the day off (mostly), so I'm going to make focaccia ;)

And... application submitted. That completes all of them. We will see if I succeed.🤞 :BlobCatGoogly:

Application... written...

Am I technically free, now? Is it possible? :BlobCatMelt:

my last night in Leuven, at least for a while. I will miss it for sure.

Well, I guess I'm now officially a doctor in philosophy. And I even had fun during my defense.

PhD defense in two days and here I am thinking about writing a cover letter for a position I'm interested in. And I probably should also be working for another too... But also, I should be getting ready for my trip back home next week.

All I'm saying is, give me a break. I guess my body is already trying because I'm in a biphasic sleep pattern now since a week ago.

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my examination committee has given me official permission to defend my thesis. the defense will be on January 5. :)

A short visit to the botanical garden came with a surprise visit.

linux, audio 

switched from pulseaudio to pipewire. seems to work fine, although bluetooth audio was a bit finicky. will try the jack interface next...

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