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Does anyone know of any or news organizations actively using the Fediverse?

Boosts welcome.

update: response from the issue editor came back very quickly. the paper got officially accepted. now i can really feel relief :BlobCatMelt:

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I finished the revisions to the paper that was accepted with revisions and resubmitted it to the journal. Don't know how to feel about it. Maybe relief?

New paper submitted, this time the one I was writing with @Giulia. :psyduck: :success: :ThisIsFine: :toot: :yikes:

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Just read on birdsite people thanking to PDF editing websites. I think anyone should be very careful to use this kind of sites, you don't really know if they store the documents or any data related from them. Since these sites are free, how they afford their servers and expenses. Selling data, maybe?

There is free software like PDF Arranger that could do the same, free and without network connections.

Today I felt like I made no progress with work (no writing done, and I'm a bit behind with the revisions for the paper I have to resubmit), but in truth I think I managed to think through some ideas that will pay off later. I also did a wide read of some topics that are relevant for my project, and I think I got a better feel of the landscape that I have to get into.

At the bank still with a conference starting in 30 minutes. Great.

Did a short trip to my aunt's house in the countryside yesterday. Some pics of objects against the sky.

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okay i need to figure out the right resources for:
1. statistical analysis of graphs and networks
2. using R for streaming data or just streaming data in general

Got an acceptance (with some revisions) for a paper that is an extended version of the last chapter of my thesis. :blobpats: :blobwhee:

It doesn't work out for me always: a couple weeks ago I received a rejection for another paper, and they also rejected a paper I'm coauthoring a month ago.


My tastes have just changed. Or maybe they haven't, and they are better filled elsewhere.

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I was going to say that The Smile's "A Light for Attracking Attention" is Radiohead's best album since Hail to the Thief, even though it is not a Radiohead album. But then I realized I didn't even like the album all that much. Like, it's good --with Yorke and Greenwood on board, it should be at least decent-- but it leaves me somewhat cold as a whole, and I am not sure I will revisit it often. This has basically been my reaction to all RH's albums since In Rainbows.

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Call for papers 

There's a call for papers for a special issue of Axiomathes on mathematical neutrality: The deadline is December 1st.


Una lluvia mas para olvidarte
poder mirar el cielo
una lluvia mas de sombras grises
poder mirar el cielo
y para siempre las hojas morirán
del cielo a tus estrellas

One more rain as to forget you
to see the sky
one more rain of gray shadows
to see the sky
and leaves would forever die
from the sky to your stars

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Giradioses - 3

no al modelo
esto no da más
vamos a luchar
por la libertad

vamos a explicarle a la gente
lo que tiene
lo que debe hacer
tomen en sus manos los fusiles y dispárense a más no poder

(this album is pretty funny at first, but then it becomes just sublime)

en un final abierto
tan cerca y tan abierto
no hay nadie que te diga ahora
hora de no estar aquí

no siento nada más que aire (bis)

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OA in Philosophy: input welcome 

In the past 5 years, I was a member of the Belgian Young Academy, where I learned a lot about Open Access. It convinced me of the need for more diamond OA. 💎:OpenAccess: (See e.g. this response to Plan S from 2018

The Philosophy faculty where I work now seems receptive to help foster diamond OA. 😃 So, I would like to compile a document with ethical publishing practices, links to diamond OA Philosophy journals, etc.
Pointers welcome! 📥

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