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Hello, everyone.

I'm junior faculty in the Neuroscience department @MayoClinic. I primarily research disease and using computational methods (). I'm currently applying single-cell () and long-read sequencing technologies (@PacBio and @nanopore).

My twitter handle is also @bioinfo_mark.

@socrates what's the best way to link our profiles from another site? Can I use an icon, do we have an icon, like those I have at the bottom of 😅

I use Jupyter notebooks for prototyping, especially figs, but they are a nightmare if you don’t understand pros/cons & caveats [same conceptual arguments for why GUI for Matlab is bad ] and these slides by Joel Grus are hilarious on the matter:

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I'm a researcher in Denmark working on , more specifically to find new antibiotics to fight superbugs. I'm one of the authors of antiSMASH, a pretty popular tool for this task. I'm also the author of ncbi-genome-download, a tool to make dealing with the NCBI FTP servers bearable. I hack in , , , and .
In my spare time, I play theatre, stringed instruments and computer games, and work on

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I was worried that there will be more rounds of revisions for my thesis in the morning, and I now received the final edit from my supervisor!!! #phdchat

Hello! I am Katerina, I am from Greece and hopefully soon I will start my second undergrad in Computer Science. Previously I studied Psychology and Research Methods in Psychology.

I sometimes wish I had a "Cypriot-sounding" surname (which I'd have had if my parents' genders were reversed) so Cypriot students would come to me based on that. I don't even have Cypriot citizenship because only in 1999 did the law change — it used to be only partilineal.

I know that just being there is being a role model, but if they can't see me, I'm not really there, am I? I've missed out on many Cypriot communities because of my surname and now I'm painfully homesick & it's not helping.

Hey dudes of Mastodon! Can you leave the mansplaining on those other sites and not bring it here? It's easy! When you see a post from a woman you don't know:
✔️ Be friendly or insightful. Both is better!
✔️ Assume she knows the subject, even if you think she just made an error
✔️ Ask good-faith questions about her context
✔️ "Yes! And..."
❎ Neg
❎ Give unsolicited advice
❎ Act like she knows nothing about the subject
❎ Presume she wants to (or has any responsibility to) debate you.

Hi all - I'm Aidan, the Node Coordinator for ELIXIR-UK, working to support and develop bioinformatics infrastructure in the UK and throughout Europe.

I've come here from reading @olivia talking about how welcoming and inclusive y'all are :)

More likely to post pictures of kittens, chat about books, film, popular culture in general, or inclusion and diversity topics, than about bioinformatics :)

This is my first Toot - struggling a bit to find my way around this site...

@olivia @socrates

In short, yes. You may adapt my thread if you wish. I know I have seen some compilations of guides to mastodon recently on my home timeline. I will @ you if I can find them again. I also have an older guide to that I wrote for my friends, just no good public webserver on which to place it, so I will see if I can sort that out later today.

Of course there's a Sci-Hub emoji around here :scihub: m)
I see, I found my people.

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