do some world leaders wear cheap looking, ill fitting suits on purpose?

@ckohtala I don't think 'on purpose' (as in to simply prove a point) is what he was going for, but Pepe Mujica (president Uruguay 2010-15) was usually seen wearing modest clothing and driving old cars.

@oliviodare heh
I like the idea of relating to the common person and being modest - expensive suits make me uncomfortable.
but at that level, there is also a sartorial choice that looks to me more like someone who's rude to women and constantly spills his lunch down his shirt :)


@ckohtala that seems like a far-fetched vision, no? what makes you say so?

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@oliviodare do you mean a politician in an ill-fitting suit that is habitually rude to women is a far-fetched vision?
we live in different worlds :D

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