I never was a night person. Being a dad has changed that. Look at me, typing at night 🌘

work stress 

you know, like a "there's so much to read damn so much so much sources archives literature people writing things having ideas that interest me and so little time my phd wont get done coffee wont help scream into the void" sort of thursdays

At least one plant out of three in my office survived my neglect these past months - and thanks to my office mate

@ckohtala that seems like a far-fetched vision, no? what makes you say so?

@ckohtala I don't think 'on purpose' (as in to simply prove a point) is what he was going for, but Pepe Mujica (president Uruguay 2010-15) was usually seen wearing modest clothing and driving old cars.

I showed this map about biodiversity of bees in the world to a group of entomologists and their conclusion was unanimous: the map, despite its unquestionable importance, says more about how undeveloped the research in this field is in tropical (and poor) countries, than about the real diversity of species in these places.

*Vagueposting update:* @oliviodare just received a 2-yr (extensible to 4-yr) fellowship to keep working on his PhD in my group! 🎉

a poll about OpenSource in OpenScience 

@plr an interesting question! I don’t have a straightforward answer but I’d say there are degrees of openness, and that much if not all research will be eventually be based on closed tools.

I like this feature of 'Automated post deletion', feels like a mutating self-archive

Let's start with some 🌱

I'm a PhD student, interested in historizing the concept of 'biodiversity' in the Spanish context in the last third of the 20c. I tell stories of what people, collectives and institutes thought was worth preserving, and what they feared losing. I'm intereste in understanding how did different knowledges constructed the question of *what's at stake*?

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