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"we must go even further than academically interrogating the military and corporate narratives of space โ€œexplorationโ€ and โ€œcolonization.โ€ We must water, fertilize,and tend the seeds of alternative visions of possible futures in space"


"The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars." - Carl Sagan

"Next year, Europe and Japan are sending a pair of spacecraft to Mercury in hopes of answering outstanding questions about our innermost planet, as well as the formation of the solar system. "


"Stop Pretending We Are a Meritocracy"

"Over the years I have watched many brilliant graduate students fail in their pursuit of a PhD, or leave anthropology in their pursuit of a different careerโ€”and they are disproportionately the students who donโ€™t start out with family money and support. It is no coincidence.'


Political facts have been simplified by current US civic life, they have become matters of faith, veracity dependent on who says them.

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"They waste all their choices...They want to own the light." BBC Radio's "The State of the Art" by Iain M. Banks.


DIY Time Travel from Moor Mother:

โ€œMost people think we started with slavery, but we were explorers before that."

โ€œThatโ€™s the first part of the solution: how do we learn from our past, to envision the future that we want?"


"My hard-drive died" starts as reference to biological process, is adopted to describe tech, then tech becomes biological, phrase literal.

"Don't autoclave that yet, my episodes of Doctor Who are on there."


Voices From L5 - The Other Voices In Space

"We sat down with a dear friend and anthropologist Gabriel Komisar to discuss the article "Queering Outer Space" by Micheal Oman-Reagan, a piece that questions the sort of society and voice we're setting up in space, and wonders how we can avoid making mistakes in our representation of the planet, as well as what has been done already."


"In Sweet Science, Amanda Jo Goldstein returns to the beginnings of the division of labor between literature and science to recover a tradition of Romantic life writing for which poetry was a privileged technique of empirical inquiry."


"I am against any nationalism, even in the guise of mere patriotism. Privileges based on position and property have always seemed to me unjust and pernicious, as did any exaggerated personality cult." -Albert Einstein, My Credo (1932)

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" the staff of the council will be drawn from the National Security Council, not the Office of Science and Technology Policy, as it was previouslyโ€”โ€another loss for the civilian, science, and economic side of space served by NASA,โ€ says one former Obama space adviser. This move is extra-worrisome to those who fret about the militarization of space"


"The council's usefulness largely depends on the policy it implements." And it's led by Pence, so this will be a GOP Space Policy driven by profit, mining, and military - not science, exploration, research, solutions for climate change, green energy, etc.


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New paper from my lab published today!

"Can cancer researchers accurately judge whether preclinical reports will reproduce?" in PLOS Biology


"Citizen engagement, not technical ingenuity, deserves credit for the widespread historical benefits of US infrastructure....Democracy, not technological innovation, will make US infrastructure great again."


@sevensixfive It amazes me every day we continue to use citation styles that are not geared toward the information needed to actually find the text easily - like why is city required but not DOI?