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RT @ddale8@twitter.com It's strange how willing headline writers can be to accept the White House's comically absurd framing, like their calling a monthly box of packaged cheap food that is nothing like Blue Apron a "Blue Apron-type program."

Michael 🚀 @omanreagan
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Agree it's bad, but not strange, it's precisely what Trump regime has been extremely good at: controlling the conversation, setting the limits and terms, defining the framing and getting most of media, pundits, et al to play along. Something @GeorgeLakoff@twitter.com keeps pointing out.

“free speech” means forcing others to listen to you?

“draining the swamp” means massive government subsidies for corporations?

“liberty and freedom” means building a giant wall around people and sending ICE to abduct them?

Now who’s really Orwellian...