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RT @stewartbrand@twitter.com "Pinker’s book is not a case for the Enlightenment that invites refutation, but a refutation of the arguments of the counter-Enlightenment which, it turns out, have been wrong all along." twitter.com/QuilletteM/status/

Michael 🚀 @omanreagan

Gold medal worthy acrobatics to argue “Enlightenment Now” isn’t making a case for the enlightenment. And if it’s supposed to refute any counter-enlightenment, that refutation is entirely focused on a misrepresentation of both the enlightenment and critiques of the enlightenment.

@omanreagan Thank you for the link to the book review in The Nation. It was...well...very enlightening to say the least. I’m starting to think Pinker is even more overrated than I’d originally thought. Then again, I tend to be wary of anyone who’s an evolutionary psychologist. That’s a bias I’m more than happy to live with.