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Michael 🚀 @[email protected]

TFW you're grumpy and tweeting. (Tron, 1982)

Tag yourself. I'm obscene American jingoism manifesting as hyper-paranoid Russophobic conspiracy theories about anyone who dares to challenge the political and economic status quo.

ADL: Right-wing extremists are responsible for vast majority of extremist related murders over last decade. adl.org/news/press-releases/ad

Neoliberals really sweating over this one.

Who was where with who again? What?

That's a captcha format I haven't seen before.

This is such a clear warning sign of a person with no personal stake in social justice and the future of the planet: "He also discovered that he often didn’t believe the things he was enthusiastically spouting." chronicle.com/article/what-s-s

"With every 'first' in space, new dreams are launched [...] Some become astronauts while others advance exploration in myriad roles as scientists, engineers, technologists and the diverse fields that enable our journeys farther into our universe." nasa.gov/feature/with-every-fi

If you use the MastodonTwitterPoster, this is what a content warning post looks like on Twitter (crossposter.masto.donte.com.br), it turns the "show more" into a link back to the original Masto toot.

David Velasco, a dear old friend, captures so much of this moment in his first letter as the new editor of @[email protected] Read it here: artforum.com/inprint/issue=201

"In mini-ecosystems in the Netherlands, researchers test the effects of artificial light." (Credit: Kamiel Spoelstra/NIOO-KNAW)

Amazing collection of 8 new articles about space in a special section of Environmental Humanities: "Familiarizing The Extraterrestrial / Making Our Planet Alien" read.dukeupress.edu/environmen