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When people tell you they want to ban anti-fascism it doesnโ€™t take reading between the lines to understand that means theyโ€™re fascists.

โ€œDid you have any family members who attended this college, or were your ancestors legally barred from formal education altogether?โ€
RT @akilbello@twitter.com List: Completely Neutral, Race-Blind College Admissions Questions - McSweeneyโ€™s Internet Tendency mcsweeneys.net/articles/comple

Final nail in the coffin for Democracy in Turkey, a new imperial presidency.
RT @CBCAlerts@twitter.com Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes oath of office for new term. Marks beginning of executive presidency system that gives Turkey's longtime leader sweeping powers. Background: cbc.ca/1.4720065

"The tree belongs to all, because it grows from the earth that is home for all."

"Now the tree stump is gone. A new tree has grown in its place. A titmouse is perched in its branchesโ€”it is her tree. An ant crawls up highโ€”on her tree. A bear lumbers by and sharpens his claws on the bark. A woman lies down to rest in its shade."

"Meanwhile the tree stump gets older and older. The sun warms it; the rain cools it. Soon it begins to rot. Night comes, and the forest is cast in moonlight. What remains of the tree stump glows in the dark."

"Maybe the tree stump belongs to allโ€”the beetle and the ants, the bear and the titmouse, the frog, the earwig, and even the humans. All must live together."

"Does it belong to the titmouse that flies down upon it? The frog that finds shelter in one of its holes? Or the humans who believe they own the forest?"

"But who really owns the tree stump? The bark beetle that gnaws tunnels inside it? The ants that travel through the tunnels? The earwig that sleeps under its bark? Or the bear that uses it to sharpen her claws."

"The man thought he owned the forestโ€”and the earthโ€”so why not the tree stump?"

"A man was walking in the woods and saw the tree stump. He sat down on it to rest, and now the tree stump was his."

"The warm sun dried the tree stump, and soon a new occupant had moved inโ€”an earwig. Liking nothing better than the shade, he crept under the bark to sleep."

"One rainy day a frog found shelter in a hole in the tree stump. Time and weather had dug these holes, which would protect others who also passed by."

"A titmouse flew down and landed on the stump. She spotted an ant dragging a caterpillar and pecked at it. Now the caterpillar was hers. The ants were hers, too, and so was the tree stump. No other birds would come near."

"A bear approached the tree stump, sniffed at it, and sharpened her claws on the bark. The stump was hers, like everything else around. Even the ants in the stump were hers, and no other bear would dare disturb them."