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Many things are bad but this is probably the worst thing about human society today. Imagine how dramatically different all of the other issues we face would be if theft and hoarding by elites was stopped, artificial scarcity ended, and resources were equally distributed. twitter.com/ByRosenberg/status

The deep fandom point here is understanding Twiki didn't have much to offer without Dr. Theopolis. --- twitter.com/chunkymark/status/

Basically inevitable that the normalization of racism in politics (which is framed as 'fact-based') will open space for re-normalizing this kind of academic work (which was on the decline for a very short time recently in a long history of scientific racism). twitter.com/Diana_monkey/statu

This kind of confused punditry is certainly a big part of what's wrong at the moment. "Tactical victory" to do what? To maintain a horrible and harmful status quo? It's all just a strategic game for pundits whose lives aren't impacted by the outcomes. twitter.com/paulkrugman/status

In the morning vs. after a day on Twitter.

If it weren't so horrifying, it might be funny that a psychology professor can't seem to understand the direct connection between the hordes of racists, white supremacists, transphobes, and misogynists who make up his rabid fan base and the WORDS COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

It's a hard fact to face, but the majority of the people in Congress today will never represent any of us, because they represent Wall Street, the banks, corporate interests, and people who are millionaires like them. time.com/373/congress-is-now-m

It's up to the people, the politicians won't save us.

Time to stop supporting politicians who refuse to act, who sell out to the corporate interests and their lobbyists, and who are controlled by the millionaires and billionaires who fund their campaigns and make them rich.

"Vote Democrat or Trump wins!"

Dems: "Give Trump a chance, here's 700 billion for war, no universal healthcare, no impeachment, we give up on DACA promise, here's unlimited surveillance power, we'll make a deal so you can build your wall, we give up on DACA promise, again..."

Instead of resisting, some Democrats gave up AGAIN on DACA and settled for some vague promises from the GOP. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

Capitalism forces participation in banking system then makes profit off of not only the money you loan them but fees they charge, all while we mostly do everything online, which further increases their profits. It's a racket dissproportionately impacting the lowest income people.

None of my US accounts have monthly fees. All my Canadian accounts do. I can move money between my US accounts for free, online, by just entering account information. In Canada I have to pay my bank to move my money. And wait until you hear about mobile phone plans here...

This is awful. Banking in Canada is like this and it's horrible. They charge so many fees for accounts, limit number of transactions you can have, limit number of times you can use your debit card per month, etc. Pay more per month to get more transactions. Fees for everything. twitter.com/laura_nelson/statu

Someone please find the ETI. At this point I really don't even care if they're a hostile swarm of nano-AI that eats everything in its path, it would still be an improvement over what's going on now. twitter.com/AAS_Office/status/

Is there anything left in majority American politics that isn't performances of posturing and playing games with other people's lives all toward the end of securing the power of the politicians themselves at the expense of millions of marginalized people somewhere out of view?

β€œThe moment you start thinking about Facebook as a surveillance system rather than a social network, it becomes a lot more difficult to hand it your information.” theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2