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Michael πŸš€ @omanreagan@scholar.social

On β€œa β€˜Stahl Standard’ for talking about Trump's cognitive capacity.” twitter.com/lollardfish/status

A better bill would ensure that no one has the ability to launch any nuclear strikes. Ever. twitter.com/RepTedLieu/status/

Cross-posting service between Twitter and Mastodon with great options, solves the reply problems, allows retweets. crossposter.masto.donte.com.br twitter.com/MastodonProject/st

New post for Patrons: a preview of my white paper for an upcoming meeting this spring at the SETI Institute about building a new roadmap for SETI. patreon.com/posts/paper-differ

I'm an who works in and also does community work closer to home. I'm trying out this platform thanks to nudges from @DrDonnaYates @DrDonnaYates and others.