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46% of 80 million Canadian dollars go to Elsevier. F*cking A.

Link to article & data:

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What morning is complete without coffee and witchcraft

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This is a really great blog post about
a problem with publishing which libraries and others struggle with. Publishers are actively hostile to users getting content which is either OA or even available through the librarys subscription (eg theyll leave a buy this button when the user has the rights to just download it for free). This post uncovers even more...

compelling thread about who certain fields of the humanities are for (in this case, 19th c. lit, but the point can be made more broadly)

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Trying to find a digital home for my friend. Does anyone know if there's an instance geared around #philosophy? I found one for #academia in general but not really philosophy-specific necessarily.

lots of cool new people here! welcome all!

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If youd like an FAQ-style Guide to , @noelle has made a nice one here & is looking for people to it to languages other than English:

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Islamic Studies in Germany, Holocaust Show more

Arabic, Hans Wehr, Holocaust Show more

Arabic, Hans Wehr, Holocaust, swearing Show more

Arabic, Hans Wehr, actual Nazis, Holocaust Show more

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Dear fediverse, I need your help. I'm going to do some research on YouTube comments. Is there someone with experience in this field? Can someone recommend a software solution to extract the entries from the website into a text file or something like this?

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Plaintext is vastly underrated as a storage mechanism

so many promising discussions, on important subjects, in the local feed!

but so little energy this late in the spring semester! hold those thoughts!

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I'm a member of the eresearch support group at the University of Technology Sydney: we do dedicated IT support and data management infrastructure, policy and training for researchers.

I've worked as a programmer in tertiary education for about 20 years. Languages:

Other work interests:

My primary masto account is @mikelynch

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Hi, I'm starting my PhD in American Culture at UM Ann Arbor this fall. I'm a Baby Academic!

Research Interests:
- social media ethnography
- cultural studies
- internet historiography and narrative
- gifs
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- surveillance capitalism

Personal Interests:
- prison abolition
- cats
- bread

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Journal club Show more

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Journal Club Show more