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brian long @omniadisce

anyone know of good mapping tools?

in particular, if you wanted to produce a map you could use in a book rather than online. any suggestions?

(for a colleague)

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@omniadisce Not sure what you mean by produce a map. However, graphviz may be something that may help you if you're needing to create something that may have parent child relationships.

@omniadisce I used it to map out a sql server cluster showing databases and their respective interface endpoints in about 20 minutes after i produced the counters i needed for it (and once i understood the language)

@omniadisce has a lot of tools for this. It's easy to export a map.

if its for geography & spacial maps, have a look at QGIS. Maybe overwhelming at first, but has all the functionality & lots of plugins. tutorials on youtybe forsure.

I usually use IDL/ENVI for working with geospatial information, but also maybe give arcGIS a try

@omniadisce Yeah. That's ... somewhat entailed though.

First off: what do you mean by "a map?"