Longue BD sérieuse aujourd'hui. « Réfraction » parle de militantisme, je le fais pas souvent au 1er degré, et c'est sans doute l'une des dernières fois, mais je voulais le faire (non sans appréhension).
Be Kind. Luv on U ❤️

If passed, this bill could fulfill a long-standing dream of U.S. law enforcement: the end of private, encrypted messaging on the Internet. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn

Frédéric Lordon : «L’hôpital, l’école, la recherche : tout comme à propos de la finance, on peut dire que le virus est le choc de trop survenant sur des institutions tellement démolies — par le néolibéralisme — qu’un supplément de tension les menace d’effondrement. S’il y a coronakrach, il ne s’agira pas « simplement » de krach financier : mais de krach général : tout était déjà au bord de craquer, tout va craquer pour de bon» blog.mondediplo.net/coronakrac

An interesting tale of how BBSs were used in Serbia in the midst of the region's wars: tedium.co/2019/09/10/internet-

If you want to spend one hour (in a very pleasant in-depth interview) helping a master thesis student working on social media and privacy, @oneironaut is still looking for Fediverse users to interview.

He might be especially interested in cooperative members' perspectives.


Hello mastodon people!

@oneironaut is doing a masters thesis on alternative social networks and privacy.

If you could lend half an hour to an hour to talk, I'm sure it would help a lot!

charity, politics, economics 

Charity (noun)

The inefficient redistribution of wealth for social support foisted onto individual citizens, based on their affinity or the capacity of the petitioner to guilt-trip them. Used as an insufficient replacement for collectively organised redistribution of wealth based on overall economic welfare maximization needs.

@qcat @socialskeleton Thank you guys! Much appreciated, really :)

If anyone is interested just shoot me a toot and we'll figure out the details!

@socialskeleton @oneironaut As one of the participants in the study, I endorse this message

Good morning. The time is 6:49 AM, Central Standard. My friend @oneironaut is in need of about five respondents who would be willing to chat about their experience with social media, privacy, and Mastodon. He is sourcing information for his Master's thesis.

I can personally recommend a chat, as he is very kind and easy to speak with. He hopes to wrap up interviews by the end of the week, so if you feel like making a friend and having an interesting chat, send him a message!

La Websérie documentaire "Mauvaises filles" est en ligne:
Vous trouverez les trois premiers portraits de Marie l'incorrigible, Emilienne la fugueuse et Elisabeth l'avortée. Historien.nes: Véronique Banchard et David Niget. Réalisation: Arnaud Micelli. Jeu et Mise en scène: Anaïs Harté et Servane Daniel.

@Shawshank @nilanjanaroy
It occurs to some to simply never visit any of those sites or submit to their abuses.

@Shawshank One of my favourite pieces on this subject, by Hossein Derakshan. He was jailed as a political prisoner in Iran. When he was freed six years later, the world and the web had changed beyond recognition.


I did an interview with @oneironaut yesterday for his research project. In case you get approached by him, I can vouch that it's not a scam or spearphishing attempt 😉

alrighty! new blog post on language acquisition from a dialectical materialist perspective!

be warned, this is a fairly academic post...


Hei mastodontit, @oneironaut tekee tutkimusta Mastodonin käyttäjistä. Olisiko teistä haastateltaviksi? Kyseessä on noin puolen tunnin puhelu verkon yli yksityisyyteen, vaihtoehtoisiin sosiaalisiin medioihin ja digitaaliseen/datan lukutaitoon liittyen. Kielenä englanti.

Kiinnostuneet voivat olla yhteydessä suoraan häneen. Auttakaa tiedettä!

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