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Until recently, every gardener in the world saved their own seed. And every gardener was, therefore, a plant breeder.

They simply saved the seed of the plants that did best for them, and which they liked most. Although simple, this was efficient.

If things changed so that your cabbages didn’t do well, someone down the road had a slightly different one that would cope. This has worked very well for the past 11,000 years.

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help i am not good with computer
but i pledged to install 9front on cirno day

worst part is plan 9 is starting to become interesting...

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another #emacs question for you great fedi folks: I want to be able to add "TODO" lines to files in many different directories and have them appear in my org-mode agenda etc.
Do I have to have them all in the directory I define as my org-mode directory? or perhaps I can have multiple directories defined?
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🟢 [New Report] Italy blocks Gutenberg book publishing website

In collaboration w/ Davide Brunello, we published a new report which examines the blocking of the Gutenberg book publishing website across networks in #Italy based on OONI data.

#italy #censorship #ooni #ooniprobe #oonidata #opendata #oonireport

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I'm kind of annoyed that "self-care" has become conflated with "treat yourself". Yes, sometimes treating yourself can be an act of self care

But most of prioritizing self care is meeting your core needs. It's telling yourself it's ok to take time to eat a healthy meal or take a shower. It's making sure you put the things you need to be healthy at a higher priority

The whole "self care is luxuries" captialist takeover of an important mental health concept just chaps me

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I recently set up a #calibre server so I have access to my ebooks from any device. Right now I read on my laptop or my phone. When they come back in stock, I’ll jump on a #PineTab, but I’m wondering if there is an ereader that would fit my needs. I’m completely uninterested in kindles, nooks, or kobos, since they all require you to buy ebooks through them. A Calibre server requires you to use a web browser but it doesn’t seem like ereaders support non-reading applications, especially web browsers.

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I should try and set up a sane e-mail client for myself with

plain text,
proper gpg support (including support for the “pseudo-Protonmail” setup, where otherwise unencrypted mail is encrypted with a public key generated for just this purpose before stored on the server, but such mail should generally be answered in plain text),
nntp starttls support,
highlight and apply diffs,
archive and process invoices with

Thinking about #notmuch in #Emacs with some way to fetch mail from imap and nntp and a bit of #elisp to glue all this together. However, I’d miss

RSS support (there’s #elfeed, but I’d prefer not having separate interfaces),
Exchange calendar synchronization,
multiple CalDav calendar synchronization,
Exchange contacts,
CardDav contacts,
accepting calendar invites from e-mail

from #Thunderbird. Looks like I’d need a way to fetch RSS into the local maildir and somehow make #orgmode talk to the messed up setup we have at uni for calendar and contact sharing.

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I used to repeat that common joke about Emacs being an OS, and I used to strive to write a bunch of discrete applications for various things, aping the "unix philosophy"; but deep diving into Emacs really drove home the other idea that Emacs is really a shell. It is the interface to the OS and when you look at it that way, then all of the plugins are unix-like tools, except they can communicate with each other more intuitively via Emacs APIs than text-based tooling can with pipes.


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Does anyone use GNU Hyperbole here? Looks like a killer package to me.

GNU Hyperbole V8: Introduction - What am I going to do today?

#hyperbole #emacs

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I just discovered this plugin for my text editor, which allows me to have my entire "directory of jumbled text files that I laughably treat like an extension of my addled memory" at my fingertips.

Handy stuff, if you're into that sort of thing:

I liked it especially because it didn't require me to completely overhaul the way I'm already (poorly) handling my notetaking.

#vim #TechnicalJiggeryPokery #Luddite #PlainText #Writing

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Cyberpunk Manga

Most all of these are out of print, or so obscure that apparently I'm the only person I know who's ever read them.

Blame!: Nihei Tsutomu, Blame! anime previously reviewed.
Blame! Academy And So On: Nihei Tsutomu's art book, weird school side-story to Blame!
Noise: Nihei Tsutomu, prequel to Blame!
Digimortal: Nihei Tsutomu. Bleak and awesome.
AD Police: The serious part of Bubblegum Crisis. The ani

#cyberpunk #manga

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I wish I could show you how stunning this spot is, a circular space in the ancient city walls of Lucca, with one enormous tree forming a canopy, perfectly fitting as if it were an architect's blueprint drawing

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#OtD 1 Jun 1940 the Greek anarchist feminist and poet Katerina Gogou was born. She opposed the military dictatorship, supported workers' struggles and the burgeoning #LGBT movt and was frequently subjected to police violence

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i'm fairly confident that #lacan would have been an #emacs user.

only a mind so knotty, brilliant, and warped as his could have scribbled all this down and decided to call it "the l schema" -- not after himself, but the greek letter lambda..
"le schéma l" as introduced by …
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