Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 3 projects at on how to measure/express authoritativeness

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar How to measure authoritativeness?

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar transforming statements into "conjectures" (not assumed to be true)

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar how a machine can cope with competing statements

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar another ontology to state the context and authority of a statement

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar assertion, provenance, responsibility (to represent interpretations, claims and their authoritative status)

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar HiCo ontology created to represent intepretations

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar some limits of the current knowledge organization via

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar creating statements about statements. E.g.: "the Zeri Foundation supports the statement that [this artwork was created by Peruzzi Baldassarre]"

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar basics of . Triples -- applied to cultural heritage / humanities information

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar on digital hermeneutics. How we create trust around our scholarly data

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar's webinar details:

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar (M. D'Aquino)'s webinar programme

The 2nd (and last) afternoon of the organized by will start in minutes. "A 2-Day International Symposium on [...] Digital Scholarship on Dante’s Work". 1/2

This afternoon and tomorrow afternoon I'll be live-tooting the "Digital Dante Days" ( from the research center of Ca' Foscari University, Venice. I'll be tooting *unlisted* with CW "Live coverage of webinar", so if you want to see the live-tooting, you have to visit my profile

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

Deminar dscussion starting now at

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

Rita Bernini (Istituto centrale per la grafica): the (ongoing) database of the Institute

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

Rita Bernini (Istituto centrale per la grafica) speaking now on the Institute's digital projects

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

Maria Cristina Misti: a multimedial online "book" on Piranesi, including a virtual tour

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

José María Luzón Nogué: ...including 3D visualizations

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