@paolomonella OK, I canceled them all, I think. I was tooting from my cellphone, so I messed things up

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OMG I just realized that I've been tooting "public" instead of "unlisted! I'm going to cancel those toots, very sorry!

Question on how Mastodon works 

@bgcarlisle I imagine that developers already have much work to do, and all they do is a gift to the community, so it's all understandable.

I might post the subsequent posts as replies maybe. Probably I should have done this from the beginning though

Question on how Mastodon works 

I've been live-tooting a number of conferences with a CW, a specific hashtag and unlisted. I'd like to publish a link like mastodon.uno/tags/specifichash on a public website. But unlisted toots don't show up there. Is there a way around this? I'd like also unlisted toots to show up, so users can check a full collection of the live tootage of that conference

Live coverage of #DigitalHumanities webinar 

Follow hashtag for live coverage

RT @ErcPages@twitter.com

PAGES researchers E. Spangenberg Yanes and A. Gioffreda will give a talk tomorrow, entitled "Leggere e copiare gli autori antichi a Corbie" at the "Città, cattedrali e biblioteche" online conference: web.uniroma1.it/pages/en/news/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ErcPages/status/14

Live coverage of #Classics webinar 

A. Gioffreda starts off the talk: scribal hands and textual transmission of grammatical texts (Priscian et al.) at Corbie in the Carolingian age. 4 MSS of Priscian were copied in Corbie in this age


Live coverage of #Classics webinar 

E. Spangenberg Yanes and A. Gioffreda speaking in 5 minutes on "Leggere e copiare gli autori antichi a Corbie" at web.uniroma1.it/pages/en/news/

PAGES researchers E. Spangenberg Yanes and A. Gioffreda will give a talk tomorrow, entitled "Leggere e copiare gli autori antichi a Corbie" at the "Città, cattedrali e biblioteche" online conference: web.uniroma1.it/pages/en/news/

The "Latin Grammarians Forum", a seminar on the ancient grammatical tradition, will start in 3 days (afternoon of Sept. 20). Online attendance is possible: web.uniroma1.it/pages/en/news/

Alcuni VIP "A differenza del resto della nostra comunità ... possono violare i nostri standard senza conseguenze" "non stiamo facendo ciò che diciamo di fare pubblicamente" e questo #whitelisting è "una violazione della fiducia". È quanto afferma un rapporto confidenziale di #Facebook
Di Jeff #Horwitz sul #WSJ

@_Zaizen_ Io scrivo su Mastodon e uso crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ per cross-postare su Twitter. Unica eccezione: quando faccio live-tweeting di convegni. In questo caso, se faccio Mastodon→Twitter, le immagini (fondamentali, perché spesso slide) verrebbero segnate come CW. Quindi, solo in questo caso, faccio Twitter→Mastodon, sempre con crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/, che aggiunge automaticamente un CW "Live coverage of DH conference" (DH è il mio campo di ricerca)

DDoS attacks on geeky sites 

@paolomonella Gallica (the French database of MS and out-of-copyright books) was down on Weds due to a DDoS attack

Enrollment still open for the Master's degree (Laurea magistrale) in "Digital and Public Humanities" at Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy: unive.it/pag/38475/

@informapirata @informapirata@social.isurf.ca @macfranc @sirol @amreo @paolo Let me know if I can be of help. I chose scholar.social because I use microblogging (& social media in general) almost exclusively for research purposes

Interested in publishing on and on an international journal? Deadline for 2022 volume of Ca' Foscari Univ. journal "magazén" is Sept. 15. Topic: "[re]constructions". Details: edizionicafoscari.unive.it/en/

@bookandswordblog Resuming an old post: I started testing picocms.org/, specifically as a NextCloud extension/app apps.nextcloud.com/apps/cms_pi Basically, you write files in a flat hiearchy (all in the same folder), and the CMS created a full-fledged static website. Not bad

It' good to see how slowly a network of like-minded (i.e.: pro-digital rights & personal data protection) people builds up also on Mastodon. The main problem is that the Fediverse still has way too few people @informapirata@social.isurf.ca @informapirata @macfranc @sirol @amreo @paolo et al.

Due iniziative nate “per la repressione dei contenuti pedopornografici” ma con gravi implicazioni civili.
“La scelta di #Apple costituisce un’iniziativa pericolosa, dimostra come certe piattaforme possano dettare le regole del web, indipendentemente o addirittura in sostituzione dei poteri statali. La UE ha però una parte di colpa con l’approvazione sciagurata e frettolosa del regolamento #chatcontrol”.
Luigi #Garofalo intervista l'avv. Innocenzo #Genna su #Key4Biz

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