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Francesca Tomasi speaking now: "Modellare edizioni digitali semantiche. Metodi e procedure"

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Roberto D'Urso:

is now on lunch break. The zoom live stream is fixed on this image. Man, what a beautiful hall has the Università di Napoli "L'Orientale"!

On crossing interdisciplinary competences in DH projects: MS studies, paleography, philology, history of the language...

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Giuseppe Andrea Liberti: cited texts are taken from open source, philologically accurate texts (Musisque Deoque, ALIM - Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo etc.)

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Giuseppe Andrea Liberti speaking next on "Hypermedia Dante Network (HDN). Intertestualità e ricerche sulle fonti"

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Vittorio Celotto speaking now: "Oltre il Dartmouth Dante Project. Il lessico dei commenti danteschi a tradizione manoscritta"

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Probably solved 

I might have found the solution. In fact the crossposter ( allows me to crosspost Mastodon replies to Twitter, so option 3 should be OK (tooting unlisted replies to an original toot)

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