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I am a computer scientist and an ancient historian by training, with interests in , , administrative , , and scholarly communication. For the last decade, I've served as the Associate Director for Digital Programs at New York University's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. Long-running projects include the gazetteer of ancient places and the collaborative.

Links on my website at

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I see that a research team at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is looking for practitioners to evaluate design they are preparing to "improve the and of digital libraries (DLs) for users who are or "


Continuing my personal policy of blocking accounts that do not correspond to real individuals.

Bye bye "faculti"

Delighted that we will be hosting a conference on 3/25-26, sponsored by the Coalition for Networked Information and the Association of Research Libraries, on how to set up and advance digital scholarship at universities. Registration is now open:

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Next month, on February 8, 2019, the Society for Studies will host their on the :

Department of , Silver Center for the Arts and Science, Room 503, 32 Waverly Place or 31 Washington Place

The schedule looks fantastic:

The Archaeological Institute of American has just published an updated version of the following document on its website:

Considerations Regarding the and of Employed in Colleges and Universities, with Addendum, Guidelines for the of and in

"The application of digital technology has become central to archaeological practice...."


Call for Applications: Workshop on Digital and Practical Epigraphy (April 29–May 4)

Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, 29 April – 4 May 2019

The focus of the workshop will be on skills for and , including -making, , reflectance transformation imaging (), and .

I found this wonderful book that I want to cite from the . The link is too long:


Apparently they have something similar to a :doi:, called ARK ( Now how do I include this in bibtex? 😕

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i have opened registration on for all friendly anticapitalists, vegetarian/vegans, queer people, or anyone in the immediate orbit of these topics. boost appreciated. #mastadmin #fediverse #vegan #instanceadmin

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