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I am a computer scientist and an ancient historian by training, with interests in , , administrative , , and scholarly communication. For the last decade, I've served as the Associate Director for Digital Programs at New York University's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. Long-running projects include the gazetteer of ancient places and the collaborative.

Links on my website at

Hello there: I teach AP World History at a low-income high school in east Tennessee. Looking to engage in academic discussion, get other perspectives, and learn more about...well everything.

Hi All - I'm a PhD student in studying how water use/efficiency affects water quality using models and . I love learning, and I feel like I'm getting to study how learning works.

I'm also interested in , , , , , opensource, and just trying to make life more pleasant for everyone.

I've been off social media for long enough that I feel pretty lost/don't have any manners yet, so... please give me tips!

This NIST dataset of file checksums for electronic voting machine software looks kinda important these days … you know, just a bit.

We are hiring a Senior Librarian You will oversee our library, our Duraspace institutional repository, and our records management program. Please spread the word!

Hi all, I’m Silvio and I’m associate professor at the University of Bologna, Italy. I’m a researcher and passionate.

I dedicate a large part of my time to and , in particular to the release, as open material, of bibliographic citations and metadata in human- and machine-readable forms. See for more info about this.

Really happy to have joined this great community!

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CLIR receives $2.75 million grant for Data Curation Fellowships in African American and African Studies.

GAH. My bibliographic house is in disarray. I was asked for something short and open-access dealing with "historical / digital " and I'm blanking ...

Hi, I'm Dr. Brian Ballsun-Stanton. I do Philosophy of Data, build apps for archaeologists (field data collection while offline with a bunch of androids), Data ... manipulation stuff, and a whole bunch of website building. Currently working on a Visual Dictionary of Beni Hassan (

On the weekends, I record for my youtube channel: where I do rather long-form and quite philosophical Let's Plays of various games.

Old account: @DenubisX

What's a durable ownership structure that ensures positive Mastodon instances can survive with or without those who founded it?

📢 NYC friends! Tomorrow I'm presenting at @toddwords' WordHack! Come see me and others talk if you're interested in weird wordhacking stuff! 📢

Has there been much scholarship looking into the heritage of academia itself? Just like a History of Science, is there much of "Heritage of Science/Academia"? The tangible v intangible academia? Just ideas here, let me know what I should read/what you think!

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I think it would be cool if other and people interested in and in the Fediverse signed up to be added to the "History" list on Trunk so that it's easier for like-minded folk to find and follow them ...

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Good morning. Every beautiful thing, every kind person, everyone whose talent floors you has imperfections. So be kind about your own and others', if you can.

First evidence of a lake at Ancient #Phaistos (Messara Plain, South-Central #Crete, #Greece): Reconstructing paleoenvironments and differentiating the roles of human land-use and #paleoclimate from #Minoan to #Roman times

New evidence on the earliest human presence in the urban area of #Genoa (#Liguria, Italy): A multi-proxy study of a mid-Holocene deposit at the mouth of the #Bisagno river

#Holocene #Prehistory #paleoclimate #BeforeModernTimes #Archaeology

I just realized that Zotero also *automatically* figured out my library proxy and is now redirecting most of the publishers' sites through that without my having to do anything. Very nice :zotero:

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