Today is a very, very good coworker's last day. She's moving on to a better opportunity somewhere else (among other reasons).

It was nice to see her enjoying the presents we got her, but...yeah, bittersweet.'s been a very antisemitic day on bird site. 

If you don't know, an economist had the nerve to call Elon Musk out on his trolling while having a name similar to the name of David Mayer de Rothschild.

It's like whack-a-mole there, only with antisemites.

One of my colleagues (located in Germany) would like to connect with fellow trans or non-binary people working in history of science (broadly construed) to share experiences and get some general advice. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via DM.

Born out of vacillating between "a better world is possible" and "we're so fucked." 

Okay. Okay. Hear me out, y'all...


For everyone.

Like, yes, I mean everyone, because I'm American and my literal entire culture is Europeans fleeing and hiding from the horrific trauma pile-up that was early modern Europe and then inflicting said trauma on everyone else who wasn't like them.

Everyone gets therapy.

Peak Mercury retrograde: Sending me two copies of the same invoice from the same company, PLUS a "GO GREEN! Choose paperless billing" flyer with each.


Intrauterine device insertion, reproductive health. Might take down later. 

Went to get my old IUD removed and a new one inserted. Mildly painful, but like menstrual cramps.

I...apparently have a big fibroid tumor. That no one told me about until today, even though they would have seen it on the ultrasound I had to prep for this process.

Wtf. Were y'all going to get around to telling me? That there was a thing? In there that wasn't in there before? That I didn't know about it?!


Was able to find information on an ancestor for a patron.

Probably the best feeling. Indeed one of the best parts about this line of work. 🥰

Reading that libraries, , and open letter and wondering... what attempts to defend neutrality as an "ethically-informed philosophical position of long-standing professional principle" are there in literature? Because they cited the criticisms so thoroughly but then had no sources supporting the view they're arguing for...

If you needed more reasons to be wary of Elsevier, here's what kind of data they collect about you. For example: whenever you do anything within Mendeley.

I'm going to be interviewed for the director position at my library at the end of this week.

We've lost two excellent staff members this past year, and three more promising candidates have refused the position.

So I don't exactly have the best feeling about this Friday.

Watching vendors go on and on about their discovery layers only annoys me: When are we going to integrate library materials into search engine searches?

The nice thing about being the only librarian left and also other services in the Library is that I’m apparently seen as a kind of quartermaster, and am asked to…order things.

WTH. 🙃

uspol, resistance, risk, safety, communications 

Social media, including the fediverse, is not secure or safe. Do not organize resistance, mutual aid, civil disobedience, etc. via these platforms. Fascists and opportunists WILL try to exploit these channels to disrupt, defame, threaten, injure, and kill, all in the interest of sadism and profit.

In person, without devices, with people you know is best. End-to-end encrypted apps are second best.

Abortion info (where to get one, where to donate: US based) 

If you are in need of abortive medication and do not have access to a doctor:

If you need help finding a doctor or abortion funding:

If you have funds to donate to an abortion fund and want them to go someplace local:

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it will never not boggle my mind that at one point during the great depression the federal government was literally paying for anywhere between 3,000-8,000 people to do archives field work in every county in the United States during the latter half of the 1930s. THE 21ST CENTURY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

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Librarians, care workers, educators, nurses, non-profit workers are "passion" jobs — dominated by women and ripe for exploitation. They are often treated as if workers are doing the labor for free.

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