I've apparently reached the "is it exhaustion, impostor syndrome, or am I simply that incompetent?" portion of the semester early this year.

I like how as soon as I start to feel sort-of-caught-up-and-not-so-much-a-failure as an educator, I remember everything else I'm behind on.

Ah, good, I'm at the, "Plagiarism...EVERYWHERE!" *heave* portion of teaching my course.

Today I just learned that one of the students who works in the Library will be doing an Honors project about Margaret Fuller, and it was hard to not do cartwheels my office about it and thus give her away.

*climbs up on soapbox*


Had a patron wave goodbye to me, while holding his mask in his hand. Smdh.

So... if, for a class in local history with archives and museums, I have students look at a virtual exhibit at that I made?

Not asking for a friend, only me.

"The poem below lists the reason why it is emotionally and physically costly for Indigenous, Black and racialized people to hold spaces for other people to learn about their complicity in systemic harm. Read the poem once and pay attention to the different kinds of responses it evokes in you. After you have read the poem once, read the instructions that follow for the second part of the exercise."


Before jumping into someone else's mentions:

✅ Am I being contrarian?
✅ Do I already have a relationship with this person, or am I being inappropriately familiar?
✅ Am I "ironically" doing exactly what this person just said not to do?
✅ Am I derailing another legitimate discussion in order to get on my own favourite hobby-horse or to one-up this person in my knowledge of social issues?
✅ Am I saying "Are you surprised?" when they're disappointed?
✅ Am I providing unsolicited advice?

Announcement: I have reached the "I'm a completely incompetent impostor WHY AM I HERE!?" stage of the grant paperwork process.

“If only they had consented to us collecting more of their personal data, this crisis could have been averted!”

... said no one, ever.

And NOW they're offering me a "free textbook list" in return for my contact information.

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Squinting at communications from vendors offering my institution ebooks that are "DRM free".

Data sharing survey 

PLoS is running a survey on the pleasures and pains of sharing scientific data. Still running until next week:


hahahahahahahahahahahaha why am I only just now learning the Folger Shakespeare Library has its origins in Standard Oil. My kingdom for someone to write a book about how closely linked the fossil fuel industry is with elite cultural heritage institutions

I mean, I guess the silver lining to this is that, like with me, it reassures no one, so students will not return in person.

Which financially is terrible for our university, yes, but still.

Gods, I so desperately want to be wrong in my suspicion that we have not yet seen the worst of this.

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Reading announcements from my university to open up for fall semester, COVID19 be damned.

Reassure me, people. Give me specifics.

How comprehensive and frequent will be the testing that is being offered? What are procedures for people who test positive, which is an absolute certainty at this point?

I just...I can't freakin' believe this.

I get frustrated that we as librarians hear all the time that we need to "get out of our bubble" and then folks outside LIS are never told "hey maybe you should look at LIS scholarship about <LIS topic they are writing about without a single LIS citation>"

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