📢 In a few hours (at 16.00 Brussels time), Ruth Tillman @platypus will give a talk: "Meeting MARC: the 50-year-old data format for library records".

😎 I'll be moderating this session of scholar.social's own @SummerSchool. summerschool.scholar.social/20 Very much looking forward to it! Many thanks to the organizing team. 💌

📝 It's not too late to sign up for this session or some of the later ones: summerschool.scholar.social/20

Two pandemics.

And no one's wearing a mask around my neck of the woods. No one.


(Dessa's "Sound the Bells," btw. She's fantastic, as ever.)

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I am officially "this symphony orchestra album is amazing!" years old.

:boost_ok:​ Requesting help for an animal in need please boost 

So long story short, a ferret i was only supposed to foster for a few days turned out to be in dire condition and the person who was supposed to claim her backed out upon finding out about her emerging health issues, so i find myself in possession of an adorable but ill ferret named Rosie. Instead of passing her off to another possibly careless owner I've decided to care for her myself. I got her into a vet and have figured out her medical issues (insulinomia, a type of diabetes) but it'll be a bit before i can save up enough to get her the meds she needs.

I've created a small wishlist of supplies that will help her and me here:

Or if you prefer to help with her medicine directly we have an account set up just for that
Cashapp: $laurendevalcourt

Birth control post-Dobbs 

Hospital systems in my state of Missouri are now refusing to give Plan B to patients, just in case.

Even though Plan B is not abortifacient.

It's getting worse NOW. Very, very quickly.

Clarification: I was sick through the week of 6/20, and isolated at home. My symptoms are nearly gone, but that doesn't change the fact that, on Sunday, when I tested again, it was positive.

Wt everloving f.

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Sure do love to have to be at work even though I tested positive for Covid on Sunday. 🙃

library "neutrality" 

The most generous construction I can put on the bullshit coming out of Nancy Pearl's mouth is that it's from a place of very specific fear:

fear that powerful haters will come bust up the library.

Thing is, that's already happening. Appeasement does not and will never fucking fix it.

Ah, the joy of banging your head against Sierra Create Lists regex...only to realize that it was a Boolean operator problem.🤯 😩 🤦‍♀️

Not even 9am, and already shotgunning PJ Harvey.

Now I'm at the "sitting with discomfort" phase. Necessary, if unpleasant.

I really wish I was a wiser and better person...often. And not enough, too, it seems.

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Ah, yes. The consequences of my actions.

Yes, a vaguepost.

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