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Redoing as have moved server..

I'm Paul, an academic based in Bristol, UK.

Interested in

Expect infrequent Tooting about the above etc..

Hope more people will toot about . If not, we’ll summarize afterwards, for all the practitioners and advocates, here.


Cooperative team learning requires:
* Positive interdependence
* Members promoting each anothers' learning
* Members being individually accountable
* Communication skills actively developed
* Group processing of performance

Johnson, D.W. and Others, A. (1991) Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity.

Just enjoyed reading "Cohort Succession Explains Most Change in Literary Culture." by @TedUnderwood and colleagues. Innovative use of a topic model to look at drivers of cultural evolution

My experiment with Docker desktop on Manjaro did not go well.. Back to plain CLI / VSCode plugin.. I used to like Kitematic but is no longer maintained 😔

Nook, the bridge playing neurosymbolic agent designed by NukkAI, competed against world champions! Very interesting read. I would love to see a published paper about Nook, but didn't find any yet.

Hi, all. I help applied energy researchers with metadata strategy. I speak scientist (EECS PhD in nanofabrication), developer (mostly Python and web tech), and ontologist (RDF and friends). I’m a huge fan of FAIR and knowledge graphs. I do a podcast on Machine-Centric Science:

Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today. Send the paper off today.

Hello all. This is a re- since I changed instances. I am a molecular and cell biologist specializing in cancer research and precision medicine. I also have degrees in business and computer science, so I think a lot about the impacts of technology and innovation on society. I am a strong advocate for open science and diversity in STEM. I run a data science collective and mentor underrepresented graduate/postdoctoral trainees at Hopkins. I am part Lakota and my pronouns are she/her.

For new folks, you can get a daily dose of direct from the primary sources by checking out @ryanfb's : he posts an ancient document on dated to today's date in a year long ago. Today's post concerns an allegation of clerical error (with financial consequences) in official pottery accounts in third century BCE Egypt:

Listening to passionate people talk about their work and research is my favorite pastime

How is not already a thing among Mastodon communities?

"We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing"
- Oliver Holmes

Normal people: "Wooah you're a scientist, you must work with loads of high tech stuff"
Manuscript websites:

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