@douginamug "I directed myself to develop an interest in researching..." could work? :-)

Feature request: collect signatures on shared PDF form during a zoom/teams/jitsi call.

@white_gecko Yes, and could save all the bandwidth needed to stream the presentation pixels too

You are looking for a good read for the holiday season or even a geeky present? My dissertation is now published at the @HTWKLeipzig Open Access University Press. It is available online doi.org/10.33968/9783966270205 and at your favorite book shop.
natanael.arndt.xyz/2020/12/15/ #RDF #Git

Software Architecture: visual lecture notes.

From quality attributes to how to design and model components, interfaces, connectors, containers, all the way to services and microservices.

My lockdown project is finished!


694 pages (PDF) with all slides and transcription of my lectures.

My new book:

Software Architecture:
visual lecture notes.


PDF, currently 350 pages, 121.9MB

🍍 Academic publishing is massively profitable
🍍 There is a shortage of stable long-term academic jobs
🍍 Most academic journal editors are unpaid volunteers
🍍 Editors are mostly people who are already professors or have another stable long-term job, and this just helps them to advance their career
🍍 Everyone has a story about how a journal editor dropped the ball and something bad happened to their paper

What if we—stay with me now—turned "Journal Editor" into a legit, paid, stable career path?

Anyone knows of a video chat integration with presentations?

@douginamug how do you monetize something without having to cripple it?

@douginamug "We don't version your books as a Git repository. With the GitBook v2, we have shifted to a GitBook specific versioning system. "

So might as well drop the word from the name?

@hirojin@dev.glitch.social thank you!

but you do not need to look it up, you can tell from the face:b00c ending 🙂

I wonder whom does this address belongs to




Use AI to sketch simple process models while typing your notes about them

Employing community question answering for online discussions in university courses: Students’ perspective

Paper about with Srba, I., M. Savic, M. Bielikova, M. Ivanovic accepted at Computers & Education


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