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If one resubmitted exactly the same rejected paper to the next conference, should one expect anything more than getting back the same reviews as in the previous one?

Congratulations to Dr. Tommaso Dal Sasso, who just successfully defended his on why "An Object is worth more than a thousand words"

Heading to (18th Intl Conf on Web Engineering) in beautiful Cáceres, Spain.

‪Congratulations to Dr. Martina De Sanctis for her on Dynamic Adaptation of Service-Based Systems: a Design for Adaptation Framework, successfully defended today at U. /#FBK‬

BPM Education Symposium 2018
Sydney, Australia, Sep 10, 2018

Submit your teaching cases and abstracts by May 25, 2018 (papers by June 1st)

International Conference on Web Engineering ()
June 5-8, 2018, Cáceres (Spain)

Early Registration expires on May 7th 2018

Finally decided to join after listening to @sandro talk on decentralized social media at yesterday. Really inspiring: build the protocol standard(s) and let the natural forces of decentralization take over.

I'm a Professor at the Institute of the USI Faculty of Informatics in Lugano, Switzerland. I lead the , and group.

You can find more information here:

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