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While the birdsite is blocked, mastodon seems to work perfectly from China


March 25-29, Hamburg


Paper submission deadline approaching: 29 November 2018 (abstracts)


June 11 - 14, 2019
Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), Daejeon, Korea

Research Papers Abstract submission deadline: 18 January, 2019

In case you missed it: I made a #Mastodon Shortcode for #Hugo, a static site generator. Embed all the toots into your #blog posts!

problems: let's build a user registration to fuel our exponential growth to millions of users

(a few years later...)

let's build an to kill bots and brag about how many millions of fake user accounts we just deleted

Just returned from the 23rd European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs ()

This year we workshopped two papers:

- A Pattern Language for Blockchain-based Applications (by Xiwei Xu, Cesare Pautasso, Liming Zhu, Qinghua Lu, and Ingo Weber)

- Interface Quality Patterns --- Crafting and Consuming Message-Based Remote APIs
(by Mirko Stocker, Olaf Zimmermann, Daniel Lübke, Uwe Zdun, and Cesare Pautasso)

Dear all, just wanted to push this forward maybe there are students or post-docs interested in job positions in field close to research... In the company I am working (Fincons, we are hiring one R&D SW Engineer in Lugano (Switzerland) but also 2 NLP and Text Mining experts for working at the JRC in Ispra ( - drop me a line or CV in PVT if interested...

If one resubmitted exactly the same rejected paper to the next conference, should one expect anything more than getting back the same reviews as in the previous one?

Congratulations to Dr. Tommaso Dal Sasso, who just successfully defended his on why "An Object is worth more than a thousand words"

Heading to (18th Intl Conf on Web Engineering) in beautiful Cáceres, Spain.

‪Congratulations to Dr. Martina De Sanctis for her on Dynamic Adaptation of Service-Based Systems: a Design for Adaptation Framework, successfully defended today at U. /#FBK‬

BPM Education Symposium 2018
Sydney, Australia, Sep 10, 2018

Submit your teaching cases and abstracts by May 25, 2018 (papers by June 1st)

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