Hi all, I'm Jonathan, a PhD student (Durham, UK) interested in the Psychology/Neuroscience of visual attention and perception. I'm also interested in Linux, Python, and techie things.

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.



I wonder what the organizers of SIPS think of this?

"How much hostility did I receive when I mentioned the accuracy of gender stereotypes or researchers ignoring evidence contesting left narratives, and the like? None."


cw request/reminder, given current new 

please CW death/cancer stuff

and torture stuff

and US pol is a pretty common CW on here as well

Holy shit, you all! Thank you!


> 100 comp cog modelers! 🤯


Please continue to boost and add: queer ppl, disabled ppl, gender minorities, ethnic minorities, neuroatypical ppl, & whoever else I'm forgetting — all minorities in modeling. 💞

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Hi scholar.social!
I'm a researcher in Denmark working on , more specifically to find new antibiotics to fight superbugs. I'm one of the authors of antiSMASH, a pretty popular tool for this task. I'm also the author of ncbi-genome-download, a tool to make dealing with the NCBI FTP servers bearable. I hack in , , , and .
In my spare time, I play theatre, stringed instruments and computer games, and work on samba.org

We thought we were building a world of freedom, without rules, one in which educated people would behave ethically and humanely. Instead we have achieved a world in which building walls of ordinances is essential to protect us from the wicked and from our beloved righteous. So sad

Hi Scholar Social! I'm a junior group leader at the Institute for Information Systems and Uni of Lausanne, Switzerland. I'm a cogn psychologist & neuroscientist interested in the mechanisms by which we recognise objects in naturalistic, multisensory environments and how this knowledge can be used to support education and vision medicine.

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