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Publishing open acces as an independent scholar? Show more

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Tools that I use to supercharge my -based :python: workflow:

pew: virtualenv
pip-tools: requirements.txt
pipsi and GitPython: installing CLI tools
pip-autoremove: "pip uninstall" package and dependencies

I am now considering getting pyenv and get rid of altogether.

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Editors leave Elsevier and start their own journal Show more

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I refuse to buy 90% of the books for my comprehensive reading guides. They are all public domain now, and I am too poor to get all of these books for one damn test.

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Ugh, my laptop is very obviously not made for non-Windows systems. I had to install a custom-made WiFi driver as a kernel module bc my Realtek WiFi adapter didn't have a native Linux driver, free or proprietary; it doesn't wake up from suspending so I've had to disable suspension which had led to it getting very hot and a lot of battery drainage...

I've had to do a lot of workarounds just for it to work worse than it did while running Win10. I'm considering reinstalling Windows...

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Maybe some of the linguist or social science folks here can help me out: is there an alternative word for "tribalism" that people use? I always feel uncomfortable using that term since it seems possibly derogatory towards actual tribal communities. I don't know if that's a common opinion or not, but I'd just rather use something different if possible. Thoughts?

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A little girl at work asked me if I wanted to know what her favorite #dinosaur was... I squatted down to her eye level (I'm 6'4" and she's a 5 year old) and said "I want all of you kids to listen to me carefully, I don't care what I'm doing or how old I am, I will ALWAYS want to know what somebodies favorite dinosaur is."

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If you're considering academia as a career, Dr. Jonathan Sterne has a fantastic page of professionalization resources:

It's possibly most relevant to social sciences & humanities folks—and certainly to (North) Americans—but it's a practice I wish more academics did.

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I shared a video of my psychedelic new latinamerican band already.

Check out my other band:

The Casual Acoustics

We are a jazz trio that plays the good old standards:

With yours truly on the double bass.

Sharing is caring! Boosts are encouraged!

#jazz #music #album #independent #amsterdam

Hello, i'm working on a MA in Humanities at The University of Houston-Clear Lake in Houston, TX, USA. I also work as a Writing Tutor and a Parkour Coach.

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