As I have done every single year since I was 5, I'm off to the first day of school again this year!

Let's hope it goes better than all the case studies in the US.

So my wife found and backed on Kickstarter this 2-4 player board game of the Origin of Species as a present and I cannot waaaait to get home from work and try it out.

I have no idea what's going on on fedi today, and tbh, that's been the defining experience on masto for me

Microblogging was a mistake. An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake. 

Microblogging was a mistake.

An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake.

I will never actually implement it but sometimes I look at what the popularity of Twitter has done to the shapes of our conversations and I want to mandate a *minimum* post length here.

Mastodon's default limit of 500 is a start but not really enough. Every instance that raises the limit into the thousands of characters or beyond is doing a great thing by providing a way to wean people off of short, staccato exchanges and give them the opportunity for thought and nuance in a text box they have been trained to dump thoughts into. It looks short at first but it just keeps on growing and growing as your thought takes shape, and you can actually go back and *edit* the fucking thing.

But really I still miss when goddamn Livejournal was where all my online social shit happened. People could still be dicks on it, don't get me wrong! it wasn't set up to encourage and enforce hot takes, though; it wasn't built to make a ton of money by farming your outrage and stress and turning it into ad views!

(Which is really a problem with ALL modern social sites, everyone wants to become the next Zuckerfuck and there is no way to do that without strip-mining your users' attention. But I've sung that song more than once and don't care to sing it again today; I've got shit to do.)

(This post brought to you by watching a disagreement actually get *resolved* thanks to the power of replies that are long enough to have some fucking nuance, instead of blowing up into a multi-day shitstorm of too-short replies going back and forth.)

It also dawns on me that getting mastodon.el working so that I could post devlog updates straight out of :emacs: would be even *lower* friction...

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Way, way back in the day (hey, anybody remember ?) I used to run a development log, as a sort of public way to keep myself accountable for whatever nonsense projects I was working on in college.

I feel like I've been bad at staying on top of dev work for my DH projects lately, and getting into a habit of externalizing that and writing it out could be really helpful.

Might try to bring that back here... Anybody using Mastodon or other tools for similar low-friction blogging?

covid, academia 

It's not like I had a hugely high opinion of the institutional structure of 21st-century academia before the pandemic, but watching the systematic failure of the vast majority of academic institutions (worldwide!) to respond in anything like a humane/empathetic/functional manner is somehow still *SO* depressing.

Working through a week of grading, with 4 master's theses and the "retake exams/papers" for four or five students. Going to be a long one, send caffeine.

Hey fediverse: I remember someone linking here a book-sale search engine that showed you a bunch of small (maybe even minority-owned?) booksellers instead of Bezos MegaCorp. Does anybody remember what that was?

OH: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."

New video by folks at , "Beyond the Binary at UBC": an educational resource to learn about gender diversity & inclusive practices. Includes info on gender identity, expression, pronouns, and much more.

Hey! Share some fun metaphors you know from languages you speak.

I'll start:
"get a wiggle on" meaning to hurry;
"stare daggers" meaning to look at someone angrily;
"last ditch effort" a desperate final attempt (originates from WW1 trench warfare).


pet illness 

Our poor dog has hip dysplasia, which hasn't bothered her until the last month or so. We're working on clearing up the diagnosis and getting a treatment plan going, but the worst is right now, when she's got a day's rest, needs 2 or 3 more days' rest to really relax the hip, but feels better and has *no* idea why she can't go out with the dog walker and all her friends to the forest today. 😢

✅ Going back to the office today
✅ Picking up the shattered pieces of my former life

@polychrome When people say "Google Killed RSS" I always understood that to mean:
"Google used their powers of bulletproof antitrust to float a free product that kelped kill a vibrant and growing industry of RSS based services and applications, leaving only themselves and the (generally not mainstream) FLOSS community, then killed their own RSS reader just in time for social media to replace RSS in the public consciousness, relegating RSS to nerds and discussions about RSS"

weird covid-adjacent social media 

so I pop over onto Twitter for a bit and, having a normal one as usual, science Twitter is dealing with the fact that someone invented a sockpuppet out of whole cloth, populated its timeline with stock photos, and then only was spotted when they had the character die of COVID.

social media was a mistake


I know this was the free middle square on your bingo cards, but Trump just tweeted musing about the possibility of delaying the election.

It begins.

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