No I think I've overdone it a bit lately

No more surreal things please

I'll take regular reality for a while, thanks

Hey all – if you needed to host lecture videos online and freely available for streaming, what would you do? Is there a nice AWS/S3-self-hosted solution around? (I'm comfortable/familiar with the tech needed for whatever.) I'd really rather not put them on YouTube if I don't have to. :BoostOkay:

I'm glad that a quick YouTube search revealed that I'm not the only person for whom this is now permanently engraved in their brain

Class streaming starts today, 14h CET, with a systems check. Real lectures begin one week from today, every Friday.


If you want to follow the last third of UCLouvain's LFILO2970 on Science and Society, it'll be streaming live on Twitch, Friday afternoons from 14–16h Brussels time. Don't make me ban you from chat. Yes, I *am* planning on making some emotes.

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Starting tomorrow until April 19, UCLouvain is now in what we might call "soft closure" mode. All events greater than 1,000 people, and all work travel are canceled. All other events are strongly encouraged to move online, including classes, talks, and meetings, and encouraged to be canceled or postponed if this is not possible.

Going to start streaming my lectures for my science-society class on Twitch. WTF, may as well make them public, if anybody has nothing better to do on Fridays from 14-16h Brussels time.

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Rumors of very major coronavirus action here at our university by the end of the day. Gearing up to shut down my research group and head home for quite a while.

COVID-19, re: "at least it kills the elderly rich" 

education : tech :: "This is the year the MOOC takes over" : "This is the year of Linux on the desktop"

How to organise notes - tips? 

Looking for a libre tool to collaboratively archive huge amount of high-res photos. Preferably with ACL and a good API layer to be able to build something on top of that. Any ideas?

#opensource #libre #needhelp

fucked up how most of platos republic is just the ancient philosophers arguing about console vs pc gaming

Can anyone recommend a resource on learning to open up and talk about burnout publicly?

It seems like most of us deal with burnout by avoiding our Hell Project and quietly trying to sneak away *or* drop-kicking it publicly in a way that leaves our communities worried about the future.

Maybe someone can stories or guides on how we can improve and be more vulnerable with the people we care about?

Now two cases in the student body. I'm going to work to collect stuff and prepare to be at home for quite some time.

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A guide to spiciness levels of food in France 🌶️ 

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