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I should follow my own advice and write a new :

Hello! I'm a philosopher and historian of evolutionary biology. I also work in the digital humanities, as well as some in ethics, especially ethics of biotechnology. I'm a 🇺🇸 emigrant and a 🇧🇪 immigrant. I've taught for a few years at the Université catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve (donc parfois des posts en FR médiocre aussi).

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Is it just my mailserver, or has there been a real rise in spam over the last few years? Any explanations or write-ups on the phenomenon?

One of my all time favorites, playing with the symphony! Frisell is just exceptional.

I don't normally plug our center's seminar talks here, but we do have them every Friday at 14h CET, and almost all are streamed on YouTube! You can find our event calendar (which we fill in with details about speakers, titles, and abstracts as soon as we have them) here:

And our YouTube channel for streams is here (subscribe to get stream alerts):

doing interdisciplinary work, a.k.a. being told by *literally everyone* that you are doing your job wrong

Do you do digital work, especially work with historical networks? Take a few moments to fill out this survey from my colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science:

Oh heck yeah this is spicy: "Certain ideas seem obviously true to some and obviously false to others. “In order to do good philosophy now, we should largely ignore the history of philosophy” is one of those ideas. Here is a recent paper of mine (open access) in which I make this claim and defend it against various objections."

"Vous avez captivé pas mal de gens aujourd'hui—entendez-vous qu'ils n'ont pas parlé dans la salle? C'était pas comme ça dans le cours de maths ce matin... Je crois que vous êtes un très bon prof, même si vous le savez peut-être pas"

🥹 thank you random student

Also how is it that every dang year I forget how good it is for my mental health to be in the classroom

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How is it that every dang year I forget how exhausting it is to lecture?

OMG, Tidal decided to recommend randomly to me that The Mars Volta have a new album for the first time in a decade?!!?!

And it's *excellent*

One chapter and one draft done in 3 days

stabbing at my project list like an overcaffeinated kid playing Zelda

About 6k words to go on this one, so it'll be a heavy writing day.

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I made it! A decent night's sleep, an early morning run, and time to finish off another draft today: this time dynamic topic modeling to look at the elimination of "progress" rhetoric from evolutionary theory in the 20thC.

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Absolutely *dragging* myself through a chapter revision today. :BatteryEmpty:

Hard to know what to say about Kripke's death, as so often happens in this field. His works are massively influential and will remain so, for good reason. He was fired from a tenured position at Princeton, for *very* good reasons, and made the field much worse for many.

(got a retweet from my funding agency, which is always a nice thing to see)

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Excited to see these released: for outreach on a grant project surrounding biodiversity, I've worked with a great consultancy (Futurum) that develops material for teaching in secondary schools – both about the project itself and to promote careers in research.

Normally they do largely STEM stuff, so I'm pretty excited that we might get some philosophy of science into the "STEM careers" discussion. Plus, they make gorgeous stuff:

I love it when Brussels does this: sunshine, then five minutes of furious sideways rain and pea-size hail, then back to sunshine.

This is not a weather pattern we had where I grew up.


Four wins in four for Belgian teams in European competitions, league coefficient will be looking excellent

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