students: this semester sucked
faculty: this semester sucked
parents: this semester sucked

administrators, "influencers," higher ed media: IS ONLINE COLLEGE THE NEW WAVE OF THE FUTURE Staff: This semester sucked / I got furloughed/I didn't need THAT much time off, thanks.

Actually, our administrators are not leaning too much into the Wave of the Future thing either.

@aldersprig Yessss! Thankfully we aren't either, our folks have been pretty open about the idea that what we've really done is show how important our old-fashioned, face-to-face, real life interaction really is to teaching. But man, the thinkpieces... I thankfully haven't encountered many of those but man, it's been a shitstorm just trying to get everything done.

Now, I like working from home, but that's not TAKING CLASSES from home.

@pence two of my degrees were from distance courses, other than the flexibility it sucked hard and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone who didn’t want to go down that route.

The shitty thing is my current institution is actually coming up with a fucking *brand* for the campusless situation to spin it as something new and exciting.

Like, fuck off, you’re already charging nine grand a year and striking every five minutes.

@pence paying $8000 to watch a person online tell you information that you can already find for free online and calling it "college"

@pence since when do parents get a say in tertiary education

@pence It's almost as if you think that students, faculty, parents have any real influence on university policy and decision making.

Imagine being this far out of touch. Typical "scholar".social.

@pence See also: I went back to school recently and my experience is *literally* just what I've been doing with self-teaching but with more hard deadlines and tests. >_>

Why is the state gov paying several grand for this again?

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