Hey @keyoxide, I'm having trouble with my Mastodon proof for this account. (keyoxide.org/33BCBEB3CAE9FC1DE)

Notations for GitHub and Twitter worked great, perhaps (shooting in the dark here) it's not seeing ".social" as a possible domain name for Mastodon instances?


@keyoxide Hilariously not your fault at all: Privacy Badger has decided that scholar.social is a tracker. 😆

Problem solved.

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@keyoxide One thing that's interesting, and could be useful for future bug reports: since the proof-testing is fully client-side, it looks like any proof that can't load (connectivity, ad blocker, etc.) simply doesn't show up on the list at all, with no indication that a test was tried and failed. Might be worth showing an error? (Or is there supposed to be one that I didn't see?)

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