Have you ever thought to yourself "if HTML5 media playing support is baked into modern browsers, why is it hard to self-host a video gallery?"

It's not. Google's Shaka player JS, plus ffmpeg to transcode your videos to DASH, works like a champion to make your own personal mini-YouTube. Check out the basic scripts here on @codeberg:

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Of course, bandwidth can be a problem (!), so if you have a huge collection this will be an expensive solution – you should be using a PeerTube instance instead. But if you just want to put your personal videos online somewhere to show your friends and family occasionally, then I think this is a really clean solution.

(For instance, it's hosting our tiny family video collection with the videos themselves on DigitalOcean Spaces – 1TB of outbound bandwidth for $5/mo, and I *think* it's unlikely I'll exhaust that.)

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