As I wait for my iPad to update iOS for the millionth time, wondering about recommendations: who's building cool, open tablets out there? At least Android, maybe even a crazy Linux distro, on something light and vaguely iPad-shaped?

I'm going to use this until it falls apart, of course, for sustainability reasons, but last I looked at non-Apple tablets it was pretty disappointing...

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@pence This is not necessarily targeted at the home user, more at companies that need to quickly prototype custom hardware, but it's out there:

@pence the only reason I own an iPad (my only Apple product) is: That second hand iPad Air 2 from 2014 is still official supported.

As you might guess, as an OSS advocate I would have liked to buy something "more open"... but it was just disappointing. 🤷‍♂️

I'd say: ... keep your iPad, then buy a new one, and after 10 more years we will maybe have something "open" that will actually be usable ;-)

@thomas I have to say that unlike all my previous Apple experiences, this thing has been surprisingly resilient in terms of still running well after upgrades. Older hardware had the tendency to be self-obsoleted by iOS and app updates (I had an iPod that someone gave me basically brick itself on OS update), but I think this thing dates from 2015 and hasn't had that problem yet.

@pence @kensanata Disclaimer: Haven’t used these myself, I just know they exist.

There’s the PineTab:

Apparently upcoming JingOS:

LineageOS works on some tablets:

I did personally use Linux on a Surface Go for a good while though and, apart from having to manually replace wifi drivers after updates, I was very happy with it. Best place to read about that topic is Reddit r/SurfaceLinux

@freedcreative @pence @kensanata I have a Pinetab. I like it for the little I use it for: watching videos, controlling my home automation, etc. BUT they aren't making any more for the time being (due to high component prices, particularly the screen, I think) so the progress that is being made tends to be incidental hand-me-downs from the Pinephone development. So, it's nice if it does what you want but it's far from mainstream ready yet.

@pence I have an old iphone that I thought I was going to use until it fell apart, but apple intentionally made it so slow that it became unusable.
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