First book project now feeling significantly more concrete! Watch this space for a two-weeks-free PDF download link that I'll post here soon.

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Also, *man,* serious impostor-syndrome-triggering honor to be on this list of fellow contributors to the series:


Can you give a general idea of the intended audience for the book? I see from your bio that you are a biologist, but cover text sounds more like it might fold in some philosophy of science. Is it accessible to a general audience, or is it for scholars with specialized training?

@dynamic Oh no, I'm a philosopher and historian of science -- this is a fairly technical philosophy of biology work, actually a fair bit more technical than what I usually write.

I've got a blog post here introducing the debate:

This definitely isn't the most accessible thing I've ever put together, sadly... But my other book in press at the moment is!

@rusty I can't take any credit for it, but I'm soooo glad the series editors picked it!

@pence must feel goid to be approaching that finish line!

@rusty Very much so. 2021 will witness the completion of two big projects, hell or high water, which just might keep me from *utter* burnout.

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