A quick post on the one thing I think is most important about Mastodon/the Fediverse in general: how moderation works.

There are *100% absolutely totally* cesspool fashy TERFy Nazi nonsense places on this site. This is not utopia. What it is is a place where *your local moderators* on your instance, and *you yourself* can combine powers to really effectively moderate the world. If a server ("instance") is filled with garbage people, your instance can "de-federate" from them. 1/

That means they're basically disconnected at the server level. You won't get posts from those servers in your TL unless you go hunting for them. Boom! Fashy place off in its own little void.

So it's not perfect. It can't be—it's public social media. But it's got *way* more tools if you have cool admins, because they have the power to quarantine a shocking amount of garbage content. (waves at @socrates) 2/2


(bonus aside: for Fedi veterans, I know I'm simplifying, and if somebody has a link to a write-up on the real details of federation/defederation I'd actually love to read it; was doing my best to stay accessible)

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