ukpol, terfs, covid 

I really love the UK for lots of reasons, but man, visiting is politically depressing.

I was out of the train for literally 45 seconds on arrival before I found TERF propaganda stuck to something.

The "Wetherspoon News" that they're stacking up for free on every table? COVID skepticism and arguments that Sweden had the best COVID response in Europe.

get your shit together, UK

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ukpol, terfs, covid 

(Aside: Among the things I love: I feel like the classic British trait-cluster of aggressive politeness, rule-following, and queue-respecting is *so lovely,* and so much in line with how I see healthy social interactions. Me and the guy next to me in the pub watched each other's bags while we went to get another pint and he expressed *genuine* thanks.)

re: ukpol, terfs, covid 

@pence yeah, I'd avoid 'spoons. Wouldn't want to give money to that brexit supporting fash anyway.

re: ukpol, terfs, covid 

@otfrom Yeah, bad decisions happen when you're stuck in St Pancras for five hours...

re: ukpol, terfs, covid 

@pence Betjeman Arms used to be a reasonable bet. Solidarity for being stuck in London tho

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