Another reason I love Brussels: within five hours, I can be anywhere in the shaded region by train.

Play with your own (European) city here:

@kensanata Looks like one problem is it takes forever to get to Geneva, which I think would be your fastest way into the TGV network?

@pence Actually the TGV Lyria leaves from Zürich to Paris but can't travel at 320km/h until it's somewhere between Mulhouse and Dijon, I guess (that is, over an hour of slow travel). When we were in Lyon I thought about the TGV net work and how the Germans wanted to get the mono rail going with superior tech and and as a result the pragmatic TGV wins and every other country in Europe is now looking at the French network and crying… I mean, Switzerland has good trains, no doubt, but it doesn't have super fast trains. Too small, is our excuse. 🤷

@toni @kensanata Definitely exaggerated for effect, but still interesting in terms of the ideas for improvement.

(I mean, I go from BE to FR, GB, DE, and NL at least once a year each by train and don't have any mental health issues yet. Well, not from that.)

@pence AND have great chocolate for the train ride. ;) (I like Brussels, too and took the train from/to Berlin often - still only 6 hours and an ICE in three languages)

@pence I would love to be able to launch myself into the english channel at any time within five hours 😛​

@pence Meanwhile, it takes more like 8-9 hours just to cross the southern part of Norway, from east to west, Oslo to Bergen.

At least that's quite the scenic journey though 🙂

@amici I've done it! Maybe my favorite train ride ever.

@ekaitz_zarraga @pence That is true. I am usually reluctant of new infrastructures, but I think a good, excellent, train communication is a must through all of Europe.

@pence @PeterWyrm the train services in Belgium are excellent (or they were when I was last there many years ago). Clean, efficient and easy for a tourist to understand. We split our time between Bruges and Brussels and took day trips by train to Ostend, Antwerp and Leuven.

We both long to go back and explore more.

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