Hard to know what to say about Kripke's death, as so often happens in this field. His works are massively influential and will remain so, for good reason. He was fired from a tenured position at Princeton, for *very* good reasons, and made the field much worse for many.

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(One is tempted to say "echoes of the Queen.")

@pence This not being my field... I can't find anything about the firing thing. The wikipedia entry says nothing (based on rudimentary skim, not full read). What happened?

@esty Essentially, he was a serial harasser of women students. (He may not have been officially "sacked"; it might have been an "arrangement" for him to leave instead. I should have phrased more carefully.)

It was long enough ago (at least 20 years) that I don't think there are any sources left online that are reputable. It was discussed on professional blogs, and common knowledge around Princeton. Now it's more or less an "open secret" in the field.

Depressing stuff.

@pence Ah, he 'retired' :) Thanks for the info.

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