Oh heck yeah this is spicy: "Certain ideas seem obviously true to some and obviously false to others. “In order to do good philosophy now, we should largely ignore the history of philosophy” is one of those ideas. Here is a recent paper of mine (open access) in which I make this claim and defend it against various objections."

@pence certainly it is spicy in the sense that it is likely to upset some stomachs, I'll give it that.

I award this guy a grade of "B-, asshole". Dude really should be more philosophically careful considering how clever he wants everyone to think he is. And that whole bit about "Why should we care what people on some backwards island have to say?" -- wow -- okay -- where do I fucking start here? Do I have to start? No, I think I don't.

And I'm not, for the record, a History of Phil person, or at least not very often.

@pence 'They probably would have come up with their argument either way'


@pence not clicking because i'm already annoyed with it

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