deep learning (lol) 

My research, as categorized by Microsoft Academic.

Highlights: I do not work in decision theory. I am also now an expert in "Framing (construction)."

(My uncle is *actually* an expert framer, he's going to think this is *hilarious.*)

So my wife found and backed on Kickstarter this 2-4 player board game of the Origin of Species as a present and I cannot waaaait to get home from work and try it out.


cardboard scratching box is best safe place :BlobCatHeart: :BlobCatHeart:

Football [soccer] 

Should have also mentioned you'd be getting football [soccer] content on this here account. First ever match at Anderlecht, the one first division team here in Brussels. Great night for it, too, plus up 2-0 at the half.

Well, I suppose I have to spend a while this afternoon figuring out what kind of triple-reverse-psychology tactical voting will best effect my preferences in the Democratic abroad-primary. Can we get ranked choice voting yet?

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