Well, I have to come back when it's not wrapped in scaffolding... But as somebody raised episcopalian, Canterbury Cathedral isn't quite like the other churches I've been in.

As a philosopher and historian of biology, no single room has ever taken my breath away as much as this just did

not only did she find the sunbeam, that's my laptop power brick under her butt :BlobCatMelt:

crypto, Musk, just all bad things 

this is just the worst godforsaken timeline

This community has me so into the idea of personal hosting that I just picked up a domain name to gather together my home and cloud personal servers...

It's not fully registered yet so the link won't work, but where else would you put your personal chunk of cloud, other than in the capable, cloudy wings... of swab.lu


I don't know how I spent 34 years of my life not living in a real city. You can just, like, go get things, on foot or on a bus, and it's, say, ramen made from proper ingredients by a Japanese chef at a fine imitation of a real izakaya

Wow! When you put good talks on YouTube, people really actually do watch them.

I'd rather not be going through Google to do it, but... well, you've got to deliver content where the people are...

TFW you get out at the (gorgeous) train station and there's accidentally a beer festival that you weren't expecting 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

@keyoxide I can do some better bug reporting: it looks like the check to scholar.social is failing CORS – is that something on your end or a security setting here on my instance?

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The concluding image from a student presentation just now on the future of climate change in my ethics and science class:

Hey, this "choose which language the current post is in" button is nice!

Okay, Huge News Time: impossibly excited to report that I've been tenured at UCLouvain! I will never *possibly* be able to thank all the people who deserve thanks for helping me to get here, but know that I'm doing everything I can to pay it forward.

And now: :toot:

uspol, guns 

I don't even really have words for the feelings I have watching America fall apart from abroad. Guilt for leaving, horror for my family and friends still there, powerlessness that about half the country *wants* this so nothing will ever change

(image stolen instead of boosted to add CW)

Paella valenciana in Hemingway's favorite restaurant in town. He'd come here and serve all his friends out of the biggest pan they had until it ran out. This... this is a cool place

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