So, last year I graduated from uni with a degree in philosophy. To celebrate, I put together this meme to sum up what I've learned.

@bgcarlisle @twsh @mplouffe As a co-editor (of a no-charges :OpenAccess: journal), I might add: somebody has to do this work, and you can help your field by doing it, so... As far as I'm concerned it operates like other service work that you might rather not do, but occasionally should.

Tifu by reading the news 

@bgcarlisle *negatively correlated, should be obvious but still worth the clarification

Tifu by reading the news 

@bgcarlisle As an expat, my mental health during this pandemic has become *weirdly* strongly correlated to how much US news I read.

I think this is what's now settling in the worst about the pandemic: academia for me is really a *planning*-based affair. I need to think now about book proposals and syllabi and conferences and projects for next year. I need to build my writing calendar, start opening coauthored collaborations. But, given everything... I just can't. No data to go on, not much inclination to do it. So it's just day by day, a surefire way to move sideways. And the tenure clock ticks.

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Last "class" of the "semester" today. Weirdly mixed feelings. Glad to be done. Wish I knew anything about the future.

SFA podcast on Cajun gas station food 

@rusty Dunno if it's mentioned, but if I close my eyes and think really hard, I can still remember the flavor of the boudin from the Best Stop in Scott, LA. 🤤

This has really been a year for me of thinking about unbundling and decentralizing my internet presence. (Pandemic silver linings?) I'm moving backups over to, doing more social media here, code at Codeberg, mail moved to Mailfence.

Anybody have a super-clean, inexpensive replacement for AWS-type static site hosting? I'm almost certainly stuck with EC2 for my (grant-funded) web application cluster, but I could at least get my plain site hosting elsewhere...

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Hey, @steko and others, thanks for the heads-up about @codeberg! Just opened an account, going to move my repos over this weekend, and will probably start paying in as a full member shortly.

The Great Man Theory, Musk 

Teaching history as a series of great things done by great individuals who changed the world exacerbates the worship of people like Elon Musk.

It makes it easier for people to believe it when Musk says he's going to revolutionize the world by selling you another product. After all the schools taught us that that's what Ford did!

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food supply oddities 

@rusty Always weirded me out when we lived in Baton Rouge how clearly socioeconomically and racially coded all the grocery stores were. Weirdest one was an independent store that sat on the border of a black neighborhood and the rapidly gentrifying downtown, which was this bizarre mix of "gluten-free vegan stuff for hipsters" and pickled pigs' feet and collard greens.

There's something both reassuring and zen-garden-calming about working through data management and backup procedures. Ah... safe data... nice...

@bgcarlisle My wife is playing AC right now on a webinar, and the stereo's still playing the Mahler 5. Can recommend

@jaranta @Cyborgneticz I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten that IRL from people a few times... 😕

@jaranta @Cyborgneticz No, I wouldn’t expect that, but I definitely might expect « meh, I am too important to answer mail from the peasantry. »

@Cyborgneticz Also, I see you already got this, but Cecil is an old colleague and friend from a previous job and is super duper amazingly nice. He'd totally send you a copy if you wrote him.

Online teaching and career incentives 

@mplouffe Apparently it's been raised in high level committee meetings (I have friends on the inside), but nobody's ready to even think about it yet, there's so many other fires to put out. Which I totally understand!

Online teaching and career incentives 

@mplouffe Our university has said literally nothing so far about promotion and tenure. I'm just about halfway through my 4yr clock.

This is... not great for my stress levels. Frankly it's pushing me to work way past mental-health-appropriate levels. And yet, nothing from admin.

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