Being the coordinator of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) Warwick, I got the chance to collaborate with MAP Birmingham and MAP Nottingham in putting together this terrific event about Philosophy, Academia and Mental Health. If anyone is interested in attending any session, please, register at this link:

Really mad about this Linux kernel - academic research kerfuffle. See:

TL;DR: researchers at UMN introduced patches to Linux kernel that contained known-buggy code TO WRITE A PAPER and the UMN IRB didn't consider it human subjects research :blobangery:

Wtaf were these researchers thinking? How did the IRB not consider this human subjects resaerch? How did someone think this was an ethical thing to do?

The announcement also comes with the release of secondary-school teaching materials in English and French (thanks to my awesome translator and some grant funding) – if you're interested in using episodes from the history of biology to correct student misunderstandings in secondary or undergraduate biology, check those out, too!

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Finally *extremely* happy to announce that my book on the history of concepts of chance in evolutionary theory will be coming out (maybe even this year!). Read more about the project here:

@matias93 I do. It's my own voice, and funnily one thing I've noticed since doing lots of teaching online and editing videos during the pandemic is that it steadily more resembles my actual voice the more I hear my actual voice.


New post over at my development log! Go check it out:

Moving my email to local Maildir + mutt + notmuch + maildrop + Bogofilter.

Going to be a bit of learning curve for a few weeks, but my old system (Thunderbird, three IMAP accounts with bad spam filtering) was just driving me batty.

@jaranta I'm on a users' committee for a platform like this. The pressure to be financially self sustaining is apparently huge from above... 😤

Still not counting chickens until the ink is dry, but Big Academic Publishing Company is finalizing my book contract.

I'm a bit torn about it, honestly, because I'll be publishing with one of the Really Big Companies (instead of a smaller university press), but this will likely make the book more discoverable for scientific audiences, something I also was hoping for...

Belgium really going the extra mile to shit on our first vacation in fifteen months

question for masto runners 

@Cyborgneticz I did this all the way through grad school, about a third of my running was just Indiana sidewalks. It's totally serviceable, though ofc quality can be a hot mess at times too (plus the occasional horrible fenced dog). But in general, I wouldn't worry about it!

@Cyborgneticz These posts made me go read the Wikipedia page for Biosphere 2 when all of a sudden

> led to the ousting of the on-site management by federal marshals serving a restraining order, and financier Ed Bass hired Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon?!!?!

@Seirdy My ~6yo T460 has started acting up lately and I'm sad.

New custom WASD Cherry Blue mechanical keyboard just got in for the home office. :BlobCatHeart:

(It's a press that tends to treat books like article collections, where each chapter has a separate abstract. Cool for the online version! But it makes your printed monograph feel... chintzy. Also please please please let me have Opinions about the cover design.)

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