So I'm still negative for COVID, but our flight tomorrow is cancelled. Rebooked for Friday. Let's see if we get out then or not.


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@otfrom Yeah, bad decisions happen when you're stuck in St Pancras for five hours...

ukpol, terfs, covid 

(Aside: Among the things I love: I feel like the classic British trait-cluster of aggressive politeness, rule-following, and queue-respecting is *so lovely,* and so much in line with how I see healthy social interactions. Me and the guy next to me in the pub watched each other's bags while we went to get another pint and he expressed *genuine* thanks.)

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it is a shame that nothing matters, because one might otherwise think that the things that are happening would matter

very deceiving, really

ukpol, terfs, covid 

I really love the UK for lots of reasons, but man, visiting is politically depressing.

I was out of the train for literally 45 seconds on arrival before I found TERF propaganda stuck to something.

The "Wetherspoon News" that they're stacking up for free on every table? COVID skepticism and arguments that Sweden had the best COVID response in Europe.

get your shit together, UK

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@bgcarlisle oh god why did this have to age so well


"Undoubtedly, the peak came in 2013 when they won the Coupe de France final against Evian – who, in a classic case of nominative determinism, were liquidated a few years later."

bravo, Raphaël Jucobin, bravo

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@bgcarlisle Talked to a colleague last night who had a file evaluated and received, as the only thing in the *positive* comments column, "she says her publication record is good for a philosopher, though in my discipline this would be thin."


@wim_v12e @kensanata Yes, although I just discovered this myself! Go to (your instance)/settings/featured_tags


I haven't had a real vacation (other than some half-days around travel for conferences here and there) since Christmas. I was only going to get one week of vacation this summer, and that only kinda halfway because it's to my wife's family reunion.

If I don't even get that because I come down with COVID again, I may snap

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"yay I shall go to a conference"


guy next to me at the conference dinner who I talked to for half an hour tests positive for COVID


Well, I have to come back when it's not wrapped in scaffolding... But as somebody raised episcopalian, Canterbury Cathedral isn't quite like the other churches I've been in.

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It's wild to me that it seems very likely that the revocation of Roe will lead to the constitutional guarantee of the right to abortion in both BE and FR.

(whispers: i am glad to be tenured here)

i am once again asking events to stop unfolding until we've grappled with the events that have already unfolded.

🚨 :facebook: NEW: #Facebook is collecting ultrasensitive personal #data about #abortion seekers and enabling anti-abortion organizations to use that data as a tool to target and influence people online, in violation of its own policies and promises.

#privacy #surveillance #SurveillanceCapitalism #DeleteFacebook

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bbl, learning the 🇧🇪 national anthem

just want to make sure that rational choice theory/decision theory people are aware that there is a footballer named Saint-Maximin, and you could be wearing his kit to conferences

I've posted about this before on birdsite but I adore the way the Paris métro announces stations.

About to arrive, tone of voice like a question: Odéon?
Arriving, declarative: Odéon.

But they're usually pretty close to one another so it's like the train isn't sure where it is

Saint-Michel? oh yeah good Saint-Michel.

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