@bgcarlisle @RedFuture Part of the trouble is that the databases are mutable, since e.g. past stuff can keep getting cited. So it's a harder matter to keep things up to date. (There's loads of online first pubs in :scihub: for instance, and it's hard to get it to update them to final.)

Hey! Share some fun metaphors you know from languages you speak.

I'll start:
"get a wiggle on" meaning to hurry;
"stare daggers" meaning to look at someone angrily;
"last ditch effort" a desperate final attempt (originates from WW1 trench warfare).


@pfx In Brussels, the phrase "non, peut-être" (no, maybe) is idiomatic for "absolutely yes"

It's a nice encapsulation of the surrealism of Belgium.

@bgcarlisle i love the smell of expired due dates in the morning

pet illness 

@mplouffe Indeed, it's our only trick!

pet illness 

Our poor dog has hip dysplasia, which hasn't bothered her until the last month or so. We're working on clearing up the diagnosis and getting a treatment plan going, but the worst is right now, when she's got a day's rest, needs 2 or 3 more days' rest to really relax the hip, but feels better and has *no* idea why she can't go out with the dog walker and all her friends to the forest today. 😢

@bgcarlisle I ran to the office the other day because I had to do something to a computer that I only can access from work, and all I did was just erase my five-month-old "project tracking" whiteboard and then leave. I feel this.

✅ Going back to the office today
✅ Picking up the shattered pieces of my former life

@polychrome When people say "Google Killed RSS" I always understood that to mean:
"Google used their powers of bulletproof antitrust to float a free product that kelped kill a vibrant and growing industry of RSS based services and applications, leaving only themselves and the (generally not mainstream) FLOSS community, then killed their own RSS reader just in time for social media to replace RSS in the public consciousness, relegating RSS to nerds and discussions about RSS"

weird covid-adjacent social media 

@steko Apparently no, it was a pretty artfully crafted character that lots of people interacted with regularly and thought they "knew"! Wild indeed.

weird covid-adjacent social media 

so I pop over onto Twitter for a bit and, having a normal one as usual, science Twitter is dealing with the fact that someone invented a sockpuppet out of whole cloth, populated its timeline with stock photos, and then only was spotted when they had the character die of COVID.

social media was a mistake


I know this was the free middle square on your bingo cards, but Trump just tweeted musing about the possibility of delaying the election.

It begins.

Steady forward momentum: book MS made it past the desk rejection and on to the peer reviewers today. Still a ways from a contract, but at least that's not moving the wrong way.

academic Twitter 

@VictorVenema Tale as old as time, I wish them luck. I still think OpenID might have done it, if Google and Facebook hadn't decided they'd much rather force you to "link accounts" than be auth providers...

academic Twitter 

Like, cool, if you think up a secure alternative to traditional authentication come literally collect your *millions of dollars*

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academic Twitter 

I always enjoy watching faculty all over the world complain about having to remember passwords and use 2FA as though these are horrible things foisted upon them by evil universities and publishers, who could just as easily do... something else?

@grainloom I use just enough languages that every time I need to write a multiline string I have to spend five minutes looking up the syntax, the quirks about whitespace removal and newline folding, etc., etc... Lua's is pretty, though, I'd never seen it before!

@bgcarlisle It's replaced the 2017-era red flag of using "alpha" and "beta" as personality types

Working from home 

@mplouffe All my mice now have configurable LED lighting for exactly this reason... 😆

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