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@rusty Very much so. 2021 will witness the completion of two big projects, hell or high water, which just might keep me from *utter* burnout.

@rusty I can't take any credit for it, but I'm soooo glad the series editors picked it!

@dynamic Oh no, I'm a philosopher and historian of science -- this is a fairly technical philosophy of biology work, actually a fair bit more technical than what I usually write.

I've got a blog post here introducing the debate:

This definitely isn't the most accessible thing I've ever put together, sadly... But my other book in press at the moment is!

Also, *man,* serious impostor-syndrome-triggering honor to be on this list of fellow contributors to the series:

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First book project now feeling significantly more concrete! Watch this space for a two-weeks-free PDF download link that I'll post here soon.

@Cyborgneticz (I dunno if there's a better one out there somewhere, but this is the FR-FR dictionary I've gotten the most mileage out of online. I have a Petit Robert gathering dust on a shelf over my shoulder, I am *always* too lazy to actually go pick it up)

@Cyborgneticz Storage/warehouse area is still definition I.A. in the CNRTL: "Lieu aménagé pour le dépôt de provisions ou de marchandises. Synon. entrepôt, réserve, resserre. Magasin des docks de Londres; magasin de/à blé, foin, fourrage, grains, coton, vins."

Angry about Americans and Date Formats 

@kensanata As an American who's lived in Europe for three years now, literally all dates look wrong except yyyy-mm-dd.

@greyor I've watched a lot of Hollow Knight on Twitch and even have a copy, but I haven't broken off time to play it yet! It looks amazing.

@greyor I haven't gotten it yet, but it's likely it'll be the first game I buy largely because of the soundtrack composer! Looooove Lena Raine.

@bstacey @pzmyers One classic reference here is Dov Ospovat's book _The Development of Darwin's Theory,_ but that's a whole book.

Mayr's history of biology is, generally, whiggish and mediocre, but this article is interesting if you treat it carefully:

Perhaps this article by Rasmus Winther will be most helpful?

@bstacey @pzmyers It's a long debated question in Darwin scholarship whether he got "more Lamarckian" over time (as he received criticism about the power of gradual/small mutations). Let me see if I can find an article or two to send along!


I don't much post sports on here, and I know I'm only an expat, but *wooooo* 🇧🇪

In case you were wondering, it's all car horns and vuvuzelas here in Brussels

tfw there's a major furor brewing over on Twitter about Darwin's historical context, racism, and misogyny, right in my area of expertise, but I've just hit the end of the hardest academic year in my career and literally cannot even

Carl T. Bergstrom on Twitter: "We have a new paper out in PNAS today, in which we address the harm wrought by dramatically restructuring human communication of the span of a decade, with no aim other than selling ads."

Explanatory thread in plain language:



Huh, what's that humming noise? Proud to announce we installed our new server into a #Datacenter last weekend, CI and other features are coming into range.

This is a major milestone for #Codeberg, we have been waiting for this for a long time, investing a huge share of our funds into this project.

Thank you for your regular donations, especially as members of the non-profit association. You didn't join yet? Consider doing so today to support our mission:

Busting at the seams to be able to say more about the *two* awesome scholars who are coming to join my research group as postdocs next year. Gotta get some ink on some contracts first, though.

Apparently francophone students also begin their essays with "À l'aube de l'humanité..."

Some cultural universals really are universal

@kensanata As an American transplant I often have the same thought about Belgium (especially while running in the forest), and then I remember that it rains here 275 days a year.

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