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Anyone who's actually like "fuck it, let Texas secede" can go ahead and block me now. There are so many vulnerable people in Texas, and what I hear when you say things like that is that their lives don't matter to you. People have sure been quick to jump on the "fine, let them have it" train without any plan for all the millions of people that would be hurt.

Do you know what the fascist government would do if they had their way? They'd put those people in concentration camps. They've done it before and they'll do it again. Remember Joe Arpaio in Arizona? Not an outlier. I understand being frustrated with the Republicans and their shitty platform, but they WANT you to be distracted from the violence they're enacting and will enact on LGBTQ+ people.

People in the rest of the country being shitty to Texan minorities isn't new though. It happens every election cycle when we could "turn Texas blue" and then things like voter suppression and the Democrats' terrible platform prevent it. And then all these libs around the country scream at Texas voters for "letting this happen" like some abusive partner. And for anyone there who doesn't vote, can you blame them? Why would someone vote for a party that routinely engages in victim blaming?

uspol, txpol, the GOP 

@vultureculture As a native Texan who got out but still has loads of family there: thank you.

*Vagueposting update:* @oliviodare just received a 2-yr (extensible to 4-yr) fellowship to keep working on his PhD in my group! 🎉

@varl42 I suspect the book has already been written, though I'd guess it's in French!

@Cyborgneticz I've had to give myself like a 6mo moratorium for posting about Mastodon on Twitter or I worry people will think it's a cult

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@caranha ughhh, that's the worst

Hang in there. It'll look less annoying in a few days, I hope!

Meanwhile I'm not sure that I would even entertain moving back to the US in the state it's in. (Subtooting but not reposting the Texas GOP.)

And it's Juneteenth and Father's Day.

Complicated feels.

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As coming from a country that slowly descended into dictatorship, fascism and state-sanctioned genocide: this is exactly how things started in my country.

It pains me so much to see this happening here in the US. And it’s even more painful that the “good people” are apathetic and pretending it’s not their problem. Again, exactly like it happened in the country I’m from.

Paris on election night. Elections over, results counted, a guy just came through the brasserie selling a stack of fresh Le Monde, "ça y est ! ça y est !"

@auxanges I asked myself the same question, but no rhyme or reason was visible as far as I (not an anatomist!) was concerned.

There are surely criteria I wouldn't think of since I'm not a curator. But some very *historically* important specimens that I spotted weren't under glass. E.g., the skeleton of this rhinoceros, which is important enough to have its own Wikipedia page (and if you read French, click over to the FR version, which is *immense*):

@brisling seriously, not where you want to be when necromancy is first perfected

As a philosopher and historian of biology, no single room has ever taken my breath away as much as this just did

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@amici It totally works! Almost unsweetened pancake, unsweetened cream. A bit like caviar on a blini?

Paris tip 

Met the guys from Brasserie Fauve at a recent festival in Brussels. Now following up with a visit in Paris. They've got a cafe in the 11e that is *stellar*: great brunch, good coffee, and they're brewing fantastic beer.

Also I think their original location is in Montpellier, but that's farther away.

On the list of things I absolutely never thought would happen to me: Paris is just about to surpass New York on my list of "places I'm familiar with as a tourist but have never lived"

Somehow that's totally weird to me

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Since COVID, I'd forgotten the incredibly strange feeling from my first summer here of running into American tourists in Brussels all the time.

Have to keep reminding myself that I was once that clueless

Or was I

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