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✅ Going back to the office today
✅ Picking up the shattered pieces of my former life

@polychrome When people say "Google Killed RSS" I always understood that to mean:
"Google used their powers of bulletproof antitrust to float a free product that kelped kill a vibrant and growing industry of RSS based services and applications, leaving only themselves and the (generally not mainstream) FLOSS community, then killed their own RSS reader just in time for social media to replace RSS in the public consciousness, relegating RSS to nerds and discussions about RSS"

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so I pop over onto Twitter for a bit and, having a normal one as usual, science Twitter is dealing with the fact that someone invented a sockpuppet out of whole cloth, populated its timeline with stock photos, and then only was spotted when they had the character die of COVID.

social media was a mistake


I know this was the free middle square on your bingo cards, but Trump just tweeted musing about the possibility of delaying the election.

It begins.

Steady forward momentum: book MS made it past the desk rejection and on to the peer reviewers today. Still a ways from a contract, but at least that's not moving the wrong way.

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Like, cool, if you think up a secure alternative to traditional authentication come literally collect your *millions of dollars*

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I always enjoy watching faculty all over the world complain about having to remember passwords and use 2FA as though these are horrible things foisted upon them by evil universities and publishers, who could just as easily do... something else?

Looks like victory in the , government has rescinded the entire directive.

It'd be *really* interesting to try comparing whether there's something special about papers that are downloaded from SH but *not* (or not as much) from official journal websites, which could actually indicate a differential effect thanks to SH... Not sure you could harvest the data for the download counts from publishers easily, though.

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I hate to rain on everybody's parade, but that study that showed that papers downloaded from Sci-Hub were more cited than papers that weren't?

They compared papers that had been downloaded from SH with papers that hadn't been downloaded from SH at all, without getting any other download counts, which means there's no control for the fact that papers that are downloaded more are probably just better papers, and hence would likely be cited more anyway whether Sci-Hub existed or not.

FUCK ICE, fuck the GOP:

TLDR: If your university is shifting to an entirely online semester due to the /global pandemic/, you need to transfer to a university with in-person instruction or they'll revoke your VISA.

cool how everyone under 30 is not wearing masks in the train station, really makes me confident that they'll follow the rules in September when I have to teach them in person


And here we go: Real-life work starts again at UCLouvain on July 1! For the moment, I'm pretty confident that viral spread in Belgium is low enough that this isn't a bad idea. Fingers crossed that the data holds out. I'm *really* looking forward to getting back to work in my proper workspace.

(hey this is pretty cool, I actually had a toot do enough numbers that I'm finding some really interesting people to follow, hooray more content)

Hey, if anybody out there in the Fediverse is looking for a 2yr post-doctoral fellowship in philosophy or history of biology with my group in delightful francophone Belgium, drop me a DM or send me an e-mail! UCLouvain will be opening up a call over the summer, at which my center has been pretty successful in the past. Boost away if someone in your network might be interested! :BoostOkay:

students: this semester sucked
faculty: this semester sucked
parents: this semester sucked

administrators, "influencers," higher ed media: IS ONLINE COLLEGE THE NEW WAVE OF THE FUTURE is a non-profit privacy-friendly collaboration and git hosting service for free open source projects:


Website is at

#developers #floss #foss #git #software


First the LGBTQ non-discrimination ruling, and now DACA? I'm sorry, I do not at all remember how to process multiple good things in succession

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