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(aside related to last post: in searching for info about Matrix I misspelled it and discovered that Matrox still exists and makes graphics equipment?!?! I haven't heard that name since like 1998)

Okay, so Salesforce is probably buying Slack. I know at the very least I should try out Mattermost, that's the main OSS alternative. Anything else worth looking at? My lab mostly uses the chat and file sharing features; is there an open Discord alternative that might fit the bill?

Day 2 of the 66th Conference on the History of Logic has just started. Thread below. Join us online for talks in English and Polish:
#logic #history #mathematics #computability #machinelearning #systems #philmath


they say you can't go home again

no, really, it's an autocracy now and they won't let you in

66th Conference on the History of Logic is today (and tomorrow) at 10:00-14:00 CET. Join us online for talks in English and Polish:
#logic #history #mathematics #computability #machinelearning #systems #philmath

academic jobs 

Honestly, I expected a bloodbath, but holy crap. This is brutal.

Trying to distract myself this week by stacking up a bunch of reading/commentary on things that I owe friends and colleagues. Hoping that sense of obligation and community can fight the doomscrolling.

What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

Please Boost 🚀

Initial Date Submitted: 16 Aug 2020
Status Date: 23 Oct 2020
Current Status: Editor Assigned

why does our field suck *so* much

...with people who they might otherwise lose touch with. Anybody do, like, regular e-mail correspondence? Paper correspondence? Any tips for how to organize it or keep track of it? Ideas that worked or ideas that failed are extremely welcome.

I feel like I need a social media replacement for people who can't be bothered to figure out the Fedi, and then I would be much better able to do some serious cord-cutting. 2/2

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Advice question thread time ( :BoostOkay: ):

As an expat (whose new country is probably about to go under reconfinement this afternoon), I've been feeling *super* conflicted about Facebook lately. On the one hand, I hate it with the intense passion of a thousand suns, and it almost always serves to make my life worse. On the other hand, it's my only source of connection with a surprisingly large number of folks.

I'm wondering what strategies people have tried for keeping up contacts... 1/


Finally getting my distances back up again. Second 10k in two weeks, this one tantalizingly close to sub-1h. I haven't *really* run regularly since... *checks notes* late 2017, so the last few months have been way overdue.

Hey @keyoxide, I'm having trouble with my Mastodon proof for this account. (

Notations for GitHub and Twitter worked great, perhaps (shooting in the dark here) it's not seeing ".social" as a possible domain name for Mastodon instances?

deep learning (lol) 

p.s. hey, I'm back, I was gone for a while because social media was eating my brain, but I missed the broader universe, hope you're all doing the awesomest

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deep learning (lol) 

My research, as categorized by Microsoft Academic.

Highlights: I do not work in decision theory. I am also now an expert in "Framing (construction)."

(My uncle is *actually* an expert framer, he's going to think this is *hilarious.*)

As I have done every single year since I was 5, I'm off to the first day of school again this year!

Let's hope it goes better than all the case studies in the US.

So my wife found and backed on Kickstarter this 2-4 player board game of the Origin of Species as a present and I cannot waaaait to get home from work and try it out.

I have no idea what's going on on fedi today, and tbh, that's been the defining experience on masto for me

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