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Cicero, on the control group:

Diagoras, surnamed the Atheist, once paid a visit to Samothrace, and a friend of his addressed him thus: "You believe that the gods have no interest in human welfare. Please observe these countless painted tablets; they show how many persons have withstood the rage of the tempest and safely reached the haven because they made vows to the gods." "Quite so," Diagoras answered, "but where are the tablets of those who suffered shipwreck and perished in the deep?"

Suggestion: Make the replies unlisted when you make a thread. That way they don't fill the local timeline, but are still visible to everyone.

Hey math/stats Fedi: Does anyone out there know if a historical account has been written of the development of the idea of a population in in the early 20thC?

I've read that it was Fisher who first developed the distinction between a statistic calculated on a sample and the parameters we are trying to estimate in the underlying hypothetical population. But that was an aside, and not in a real work on the history of statistics... :boost_requested:

The more things change:

A vision for the future of genomics research, Nature, 2003: "formulated into three major themesβ€”genomics to biology, genomics to health, and genomics to society"

Strategic vision for improving human health at the forefront of genomics, Nature, 2020: "the widespread integration of genomics into almost all areas of biomedical research, the adoption of genomics into mainstream medical and public-health practices, and an increasing relevance of genomics for everyday life"

Notably, dear reader, Science is available here both in print and in electronic. If you click on that link, you see *the actually available print volumes* in our libraries. And the electronic record? Completely unrelated, and does not appear in a search for "Science", but if you go to JSTOR, it's there


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me: man, our library's online catalog is really horrid

you: how bad could it be?


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Just undeniably the best *high school stage band* in the history of time. Strong strong recommend for the recent re-release of their stuff, "Texas Thunder Soul."

What are you all #writing about today?

I'm going to be writing about Bergson's idea of duration

There's a group of fossil bivalve mollusk with genus name Megalodon.

There isn't much online about them, but ask GPT-3 to write a press release about them and it will generate lots of "details" about how it's a giant terrifying predator.

Been mulling the objection that CWs limit the reach of useful political info…

One solution would be to add a HELP TYPE to the CW. For example:

> uspol, environment, event

"Event" would signal that the post is not just about those topics, but also suggests a practical response. My bet is that more people will open a post that empowers them.

Help types could be:
β€’ event β€” where/when to go
β€’ fund β€” where to give
β€’ organizing β€” building groups
β€’ support β€” where to get it
β€’ tactic β€” what to do

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The fact that today is the *30th* birthday of the original shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D makes me feel... rather old

There was a time a few years back when everybody was saying that trackballs were a great ergonomic upgrade. I don't do very precise mousing at work – very rare that I even work in an image editor – so I've been thinking about making the switch at the office. Two questions if anybody has good answers:

1) Are they still ergonomically recommended, or was that snake oil?
2) What are the good models these days?


A lovely IPA, and worth buying on name alone πŸ˜†

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Paper accepted today! πŸŽ‰ Woot. Will share more when I have a preprint to post, have to make a couple final tweaks and un-blind the MS.

OA in Philosophy: input welcome 

In the past 5 years, I was a member of the Belgian Young Academy, where I learned a lot about Open Access. It convinced me of the need for more diamond OA. πŸ’Ž:OpenAccess: (See e.g. this response to Plan S from 2018

The Philosophy faculty where I work now seems receptive to help foster diamond OA. πŸ˜ƒ So, I would like to compile a document with ethical publishing practices, links to diamond OA Philosophy journals, etc.
Pointers welcome! πŸ“₯

Is this sort of transparency about process common in other fields? This is from the inaugural issue of the new open-access journal Pnyx.

I love how I still get notifications about the "new features in my electronic health chart" from the pace where I spent a six-month pre-doctoral fellowship in 2012 and got like six hours of physical therapy for my ankle

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