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When I was starting band as a kid, if I had known how hard a sousaphone could go in a NOLA-style brass band, I would have picked it in a heartbeat.

mh~, internal-self-promotion 

Whenever I get too down on myself, I try to remember that 12-year-old me would think that 37-year-old me is doing *the coolest shit*

more from the same paper 

The paper ends with code to simulate the model in Fortran! It has everything!

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more from the same paper 

oh my god they invented the model after they observed a failed search for a dean position that ended in the nomination of the head of the search committee

i'm dying

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more from the same paper 

The core of their model:

"To understand processes within organizations, one can view a choice opportunity as a garbage can into which various kinds of problems and solutions are dumped by participants as they are generated. The mix of garbage in a single can depends on the mix of cans available, on the labels attached to the alternative cans, on what garbage is currently being produced, and on the speed with which garbage is collected and removed from the scene.


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Cohen et al., "A Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice," Admin Sci Q (1972):

"Recent studies of universities, a familiar form of organized anarchy, suggest that such organizations can be viewed for some purposes as collections of choices looking for problems, issues and feelings looking for decision situations in which they might be aired, solutions looking for issues to which they might be an answer, and decision makers looking for work."

holy hell, lmao

oh my god i am doing actual research this evening

on a thing that I've wanted to study for months and haven't cracked into yet


of media/games studies interest, bird site 

I did a bit of digital culturing this morn, and compiled a list of 40 iconic, interesting or impactful moments in video games. if you are someone whose work relates to games and have found yourself asking "but what games are there?"
then this might be useful, either as a direct hit or as a starting point for further search efforts

You can see public posts visible to a particular Mastodon server using a particular hashtag by using this website address:

(server name) /tags/ (hashtag but without the #)

So, for example, if you want to see posts visible from with the hashtag "crochet", you would look here:

To expand a post within this view, click on its datestamp.

If you're on a new server, you can use this trick to find people to follow from other servers. It works especially well if you try to see the view from a bigger or more connected server.

(Once a new server starts making its own connections, tricks like this aren't needed as much.)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips


6.5h of meetings tomorrow, a huge stack of preparation and grading work, behind on all my writing projects, and bad family news


not only did she find the sunbeam, that's my laptop power brick under her butt :BlobCatMelt:

Hey open-source software Mastofolks: is there some kind of framework/package (plus IR hardware, I imagine) for remote control and home automation?

I *really* miss my Logitech Harmony system from our last place in the US, but I feel like such a thing should exist in the world that's open-source, programmable, maybe I could hack voice control into it, etc., etc.? Has anybody done this?


The extent to which francophone Belgian media is *obsessed* with French politics is really depressing. There's *much* better coverage in our papers of the French legislative elections than of the drama currently unfolding with N-VA. Guess which one will have more impact on our lives in Belgium?

Rather than revising an encyclopedia entry (what I really *should* have done), I spent the evening messing around with a project that I've always enjoyed: aimless gamedev hacks on the Quake 1 engine source.

Nice to do some making that's not work-related every now and again.

Someone signs up for a service with my address. I don't confirm the email. Now, the service sends me a mail telling me they would have sent me a mail if I had confirmed my address, asking me if I want to confirm my address. No unsubscribe link.

I hate it here

Our neighbors are *still* up partying. It is 5:56AM. I've given up and gotten up for the day.

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