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Just wrote my editors to say that I'm about half-a-book behind schedule. Oof. Sigh.

TFW you're pretty sure the analysis script worked great but you forgot to print the result at the end 🙃

Last talk and last day of conferencing of the summer today. I'm *so* ready.

- June: Paris, on vagueness in biodiversity
- June: Kent, on metaphysics of causation
- July: Vienna, teaching digital humanities
- July: Bristol, on chance in early genetics


the temptation to press this button while chairing a session today was immense

Should have known: open source, self host or paid hosting, or they'll always screw you over in the end. Someday I'll stop re-learning that lesson.

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Wow, so Slack is just destroying its free plan for small organizations. Used to be 10k messages and 5G of storage: for my team, that goes back to 2019.

Now it's *90 days*

Anybody have experience with Mattermost? How much server do you need to self-host it, requirements wise?

If anybody has any idea how not to just be a total climate fatalist at this point, lmk

Apparently Thomas Kuhn was born 100 years ago today.

I haven't ripped a DVD in ages, because I haven't had friends with DVDs I wanted to copy.

So when I just loaded up the latest Handbrake on my gaming PC, activated NVENC encoding, and clicked "go," let's say I was a *little surprised* that you can encode 1080p x264 @ CRF18 at 825 FPS


the utterly chaotic energy of a room full of students working on independent digital humanities projects

Day 4 in Vienna and only 3 kinds of cake so far. Gotta get those numbers up.

I can see how people would get attached to Vienna. ♥️☕

(And, like, it's just *expected* that you would stay and read and work all day?! 😍)

UPDATE: In getting ready for the summer school in a couple days, Max Noichl contributed code to directly load datasets from JSTOR Constellate as source material! I *think* it's all integrated, explained, and working.

I'm not sure how it'd go with a really huge dataset that you needed to segment and download in pieces. But it's close!

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