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And here's the promised simplification and upgrade to my research site!

This one weighs in a bit over 1.5M for the whole thing, because I've got some hosted documents and a few more photos to make things snappy.

(now with a 100% more subtly Belgian lab logo)

Fedi seems like the perfect place to ask this, so here goes: If you were me, and you were thinking about building out a new-old machine, to load up with software from the DOS6 to Win3.1 to Win95 (maybe) era to play around with (ahh, nostalgia), what kind of hardware would you target?

Looking at a few blog posts, you could be "above the top of the line" from 1995 with 16/32MB RAM, a 1 or 2GB ATA HDD.

For CPU, looks like a Pentium I? Video? Sound?

"Rennes à Bruxelles" festival today has me wanting to vacation in Bretagne

Combine that with org-roam (so that I never have to think about filenames and where to put things) and NotDeft (so that I can search fulltext when I forget where I put something) and... wow

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I'm only starting to scratch the surface of the power you get from using Org-Mode linking effectively. My project research notes can link to an email thread in notmuch, carry with them PDF attachments, link out to reading notes for sources that I'm using, and have direct citations to my Zotero library.

If over the next couple years I transform my whole note apparatus into this system it's going to rewire my brain for the better.

Not much content change, but big redesign and simplification of my personal website with my teaching materials. Super proud of the optimization here. The whole thing, in two languages, is now a touch more than 300KB, running on a custom lightweight Hugo theme (CSS and JS minimized with PostCSS/Uglify, then saved statically).

(Matching research site redesign coming soon...)

am I the only one who is *immensely* mistrustful if I sit down and bang out a data analysis script in one pass in about 15 minutes and it just... works the first time?

Glimpses into a former life — good to see that my old childhood guitar teacher, Kenny Grimes, still knows how to shred

WTF, why does this album sound so bad in the office?


oh, it's because the right speaker is mostly disconnected, that would do it

The UK is a trip. Imagine if after eight years of Biden, Kamala Harris is nominated by the US Democratic party on a platform of "thank you all for your confidence, I can finally set this country on the right track again"

Guys, you've been holding the keys for a decade, if Truss is going to "unleash the potential of the UK" why didn't Cameron do it in 2011

(NB: this is four trees that I'm really bad at maintaining in the heart of downtown Brussels!)

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First round of our harvest this year!

One tree that makes the kind of green and blush apple you see top middle is always a late bloomer, have to try to wait a little longer to pick that one. Sadly another tree, the one that makes the green apples with the pink streaks, top left, only made those two apples this year...

My book _The Rise of Chance in Evolutionary Theory_ just got an absolutely *glowing* review in The Quarterly Review of Biology, and I literally may not touch the ground for several days

Yo, I always knew I liked Lewis Mumford's stuff on the history of technology, but I had no idea he partially inspired the bad guy in The Fountainhead, that's top-tier life goals. If Rand hates you that bad you *must* be doing good work.

Paul Humphreys and Larry Laudan both died this week. Very tough week for philosophy of science...

Weird self-realization thing: before I went to college, my internal proper noun for myself was my first name. After 4 years of undergrad, I was renamed to my last name (multiple Charleses/Charlies). Ever since, I internally think of myself by my last name.


Finished master's thesis work. Beer festival today. Whew. Some actual time to relax.

So now I'm out here with a PDF diffing tool checking out how all they did was add block-quotes from sources to make the thing longer, lmao

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I'm trying to think of a more sure-fire way to upset your professor than to ask for last-minute emergency comments well after the deadline and then to not incorporate them in the final draft

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