University COVID measures "adapted" here in Belgium, in response to having some of the worst numbers in Europe. What are we doing, you ask?

Politely asking the students not to party.

Never very many trick-or-treaters in Brussels, of course, but I do have the black cat part under control.

180pp of approved, final proofs for _The Rise of Chance in Evolutionary Theory_ off to the press today.

Now if I can just get them to let me correct the marketing and back-of-book copy this project will be over and dusted!

new Judith Butler on TERFs 

Perhaps as an apology for cutting their previous article they really gave Butler space to stick the boot in this time:

"As a fascist trend, [the anti-gender movement] mobilizes a range of rhetorical strategies from across the political spectrum to maximize the fear of infiltration and destruction that comes from a diverse set of economic and social forces. It does not strive for consistency, for its incoherence is part of its power."

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