If there's just one advice I could give my younger self, it'd be to keep a diary, and to do so consistently throughout my life, not just when I feel like it.

"Excuse me," the stranger behind in the queue said, "don't take this the wrong way, but what is that scent you're wearing? It smells amazing!"
"Is it a cologne or perfume, a body wash or shampoo?"
"Oh, that! I'm a librarian."
"Um... So?"
"I smell of books and stories."
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Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

What to do after finishing the PhD? I've just run that query. 2 months ago was the defense of my thesis and everything was perfect. But since then, 😕. I've found this post: Five Things to Do After Finishing Your PhD (phdstudies.com/article/five-th: 1.Take a well-deserved break; 2. Do something crazy; 3. Start a blog; 4. Clean, clean, clean; 5. Think deeply about your options). It's funny, because I completed the first two things with no idea of the post🤔.
Anyway, it's time to clean, clean and clean...

The Gestapo Points to Guernica and Asks Picasso, "Did You Do This?;" Picasso Replies "No, You Did!"

openculture.com/?p=1037104 t.co/MUpIcb7jLA

It's not when you can't see home, that's still too close. It's when you can't see how to get to where you can see home. That's when you've lost home.
"There," father says, "just above those three stars in a line. You can't see it, but that's where Earth's Sun is."
I can't see it.
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The average librarian will have this shared to their timeline 142 times this December

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What operating systems do you use?

This afternoon is the defense of my thesis, entitled "Analysis, Evaluation, and Development of Both Tools and Methods for the Improvement of Libraries". To get the best of me, I'm just going to eat oatmeal with fruits and watch some episodes 😄 💪

I've seen this topic and I would like to share my readings, mostly in Spanish.

So, , (actually ): Al oeste de Roma (West of Rome), by John Fante.

For the last 20 months I've been leading a vegan lifestyle (not so easy in this society). But yesterday I realized my sneakers are mostly made of leather, split cowhide, etc. So yesterday I bought new and my first vegan-sneakers 😄

Resubmit for review decision...

What to do when comments by reviewers are in some points contradictory? R. A says the methodology is well explained and valid. R. B asks why don't we used correlation coefficients (but we're modelling and then using linear regression analysis). R. C asks if we forgot specifying the method used when we say "the method is linear regression analysis (Enter method)". Doesn't Reviewer C know about Enter, Stepwise, etc., methods for linear regression analysis?

Last Monday I did complete the deposit of my thesis, which is entitled something like (it's mostly in Spanish): "Analysis, Evaluation, and Development of Methodologies and Tools for the Improvement of Libraries". It includes 5 papers already published in Q2 and Q3 journals of the JCR and SJR, most of them OA journals.

The defense will be on November, and then I will start a "bridge contract" at the University of Granada, Spain.

Really happy for that!

2019 Library Design Showcase

"Welcome to the 2019 Library Design Showcase, American Libraries’ annual celebration of new and renovated libraries. These shining examples of innovative architectural feats address user needs in unique, interesting, and effective ways..."


Growing Up in the Library.

Susan Orleans writes a personal history about growing up in libraries, and rediscovering them later in life.


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